When not writing is not your fault…

Some days you go to start you writing.

You have a cup of tea or coffee.

You have a snack.

You have all your research.

You have your notes.

You have your plan.

You are ready to get going!

You come to settle into your seat and BAM!


No writing for you today :D

Though, even with Harli saying ‘no’ to writing some days and I have to untangle my stuff from beneath her, I have gotten a lot written and am coming along really well on my next book!

How is your writing coming along? Are there ever things that stop you from writing?

**It’s a bank holiday in the UK on Monday, meaning there won’t be a post on Monday, though I do have some scheduled for the weekend. But I won’t be around until Tuesday next week to reply :) Have an awesome weekend everyone!**


Progress Report:

Status of fifth manuscript: Writing first draft.
Word count: 6054 (Total word count: 36793)

Books read: 4/4

End of August Indie Review: Written and ready.

Conflict drives your story

Mishka Jenkins:

Some great points about type of conflict within a story. Points I will have to remember! :)

Originally posted on Into Another World:

People uid 792345Every story needs some form of conflict. Without conflict there would be nothing to drive the characters and plot forward. It is the character overcoming obstacles that supply the drama, the suspense, the tension in the story.

There are five types of conflict.

Character struggles against another character

This type of conflict, also referred to as man vs. man, is the most obvious form of conflict. This is when a character struggles against another character in the story. This type of conflict can come in the form of arguments, conflicting desires, or opposing goals. The classic “good guy” vs. “bad guy” scenario is an excellent example of this type of conflict.

Character struggles internally

Sometimes you don’t need an outside force to provide the drama and tension in your story. You character can struggle internally with their choices. This is also known as man vs. self. This is where your…

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Books and Reading Wednesday- Some questions!

For my reading and book blog post today, I thought I would have a bit of fun.

I found these ‘Reading Fun Quick Five’ questions on Rake and Rascals some time ago, and thought they’d be fun to answer and maybe you guys could have fun answering them as well?


All you have to do is answer the following questions:

1. Which novel are you currently reading and who is the author?

If You’re Not The One by Jemma Forte

2. What is the opening line of the book?

‘Jennifer Wright slammed the door and ran down the road as fast as her ill-fitting footwear would allow her to, tears blurring her vision.’

3. What are the hero and heroine’s names? (on the remote chance you’re not reading a romance, give the name of the main character).

The heroine is called Jennifer Wright, but it’s rather complicated to see who the hero is as (at the moment) there are two guys introduced- Max, her husband and Aidan, a fling from the past.

4. What is the first sentence of the second paragraph of Chapter 9?

I haven’t gotten that far yet and I don’t want to spoil it! :D

5. What’s next on your TBR pile?

Destiny of Kings by Fiona Tarr

This was fun and I might make it a regular monthly thing, it would be nice to keep updated on what I’m reading and, if you guys answer, what you’re reading! :D

How would answer these questions?


Progress Report:

Status of fifth manuscript: Writing first draft.
Word count: 2230 (Total word count: 30739)

Books read: 4/4

End of August Indie Review: Written and ready.

Romance Weekly Blog Hop #lovewritechat

RW Banner

If you’re joining me from Susan Peterson Wisnewski, author of Chasing the Rainbow, then welcome!

Something a little different for the Romance Weekly Hop this week.

We were tasked with writing a piece of flash fiction in the word count range of 100-150 that included the words: Candle, scarf, and chocolate.

Now, seeing as this is my first ever attempt at flash fiction and I couldn’t think of a story that could be resolved in that word count, I decided to write a bit of a random scene instead (coming in at 151 words, annoyingly)! Hope you enjoy :)


“You’re going to have to come out of there,” he teased, a smile flickering at the corner of his lips.

“No,” she said, her words a muffled mess through the thick scarf wrapped around her neck and half of her face like an Egyptian mummy. She continued to warm her chilled fingers over the lit candle that stood in the middle of their table, the view of the lake spread out around them, beautiful but cold.

“Fine.” He shrugged and plopped one of the rich truffles into his mouth, moaning as he bit into it.

She pouted behind the scarf, blinking as a snowflake fell on the tip of her nose. “Alright!” she said, and yanked the scarf down past her mouth.

He smiled, and plopped a chocolate between her open lips. She jerked the scarf back into place and sighed at the velvet sweetness that burst from the truffle.


Now why not check out what Victoria Barbour wrote in response to this flash fiction challenge? :)


Progress Report:

Status of Fifth Manuscript: Writing first draft.
Word count: 3739 (Total word count: 28509)

Books read: 4/4! :D

End of August Indie Review: Written and ready.

Rekindling my Love for Love!

My next book is going to be packed full of romance.


Because I want it to be :D

I love romance, hence why I write it, but my last couple of books have had heavy stories to go along with romance. And I’d say they were romance of a different kind- a passionate, heavy romance.

This time I want something light and romantic.

So, I wanted to write a book where romance was going to be the main theme of the story. But, it’s also going to be a contemporary piece and I haven’t written a chick-lit type book before. So I needed to get into the mood for writing it.

I scoured the kindle store for books in that genre, but also I watched a lot of romance movies.

I have to say, they really did help me get in the right frame of mind :D As I said in my Romance Weekly post last week, I am very inspired by the visual.

I watched Austenland, which was just beyond awesome!


Then I had an overload on Jane Austen, watching Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Next up was While You were Sleeping and Penelope.

I have to admit, I was a bit de-motivated when I started writing my book, as I enjoyed writing in the fantasy genre so much. But watching these movies and reading that type of story reminded me exactly why I planned this book next.

Because I love every moment of those fun romantic movies! Every stolen glance, every damsel-in-distress moment, and every inevitable kiss in the rain! :D

My next book is going to be a light, fun read where the romance genre in movies and books is heavily involved in the storyline, so watching and reading this type of genre has been perfect for getting me in the right frame of mind.

Let’s call it research! Very necessary research.

I always forget just how much the right mind-set can help to give me motivation to keep writing!

If you’re finding yourself a bit stuck in your story or not motivated, pick up a book in the same genre or watch a movie and remind yourself why you chose that genre. Reigniting your love of that type of story can be an amazing way exciting your creativity to keep writing!

Do you sometimes have to re-find your love of a genre? Do you always read within a specific genre? Are there any books or movies that instantly get you in the mood for writing?


Progress Report:

Status of Fifth Manuscript: Writing first draft.
Word count: 2395 (Total word count: 24770)

Books read: 3/4

End of August indie book review: Written and ready.

Posts to Check Out

Inspired by Taylor Grace’s, ‘Posts I liked this week’ series, I have decided to do a similar thing on a Sunday :D

http://corrieadamswrites.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/i-am-irritated-by-my-own-writing/ - A quote that really just described the writing process really well!

http://rachelcarrera.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/dinner-and-a-show/ – A bit of fun from Rachel!

http://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/in-which-i-sign-with-soul-mate-publishing/ – Huge congrats to Shehanne! :D

http://winterbayne.com/ – Winter got a new domain name :)

http://faithsimone.com/2014/08/12/bucket-list-writer-style/ – A brilliant idea, one I will have to try out.

http://writersinthestormblog.com/2014/08/5-tips-for-a-do-it-yourself-retreat/ – Some things to try out instead of an expensive retreat.

http://thescribesapprentice.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/word-porn-science-that-sounds-like-poetry/ – Always fun to expand your vocabulary.

http://topazwinters.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/what-inspires-you/ – A common question well-answered by Topaz!

http://callummclaughlin.wordpress.com/2014/08/14/look-on-the-bright-side/ - A very uplifting post

http://elainejeremiah.co.uk/2014/08/15/reunion-of-the-heart-is-now-live-on-amazon/ – Reunion of the Heart by Elaine Jeremiah is released now!

http://helenafairfax.com/2014/08/15/marie-antoinettes-last-letter/ A really interesting post, always nice to learn something new, especially about such a famous figure in history.

http://melaniealroy.com/2014/08/15/pick-up-your-pen-and-write/- I need to think like this some days!

Hope there are some new posts and bloggers for you to check out in this list :) If you have any recommendations of posts you enjoyed this week, why not share them in the comments?

This is a scheduled post as I am away on weekends, and I will be unable to reply to comments or emails until Monday. Have a brilliant weekend! :D

First Kiss – Prophecy of Stones

I thought I might try something a little different this week for my marketing post! :D

So here is a short piece I wrote about Milana and Riff’s first kiss.

Milana and Riff are characters from my newest book, Prophecy of Stones.

It’s not an excerpt, but a kind of backstory piece I wrote in under fifteen minutes for a writing exercise. I hope you enjoy it!


“Are we there yet?” Milana asked, waving her hands about before her, unable to see through the thick material of the blindfold tied around her eyes.

“Almost,” Riff replied. She relaxed when his fingers curled around hers, helping to lead her onwards over the rough, rocky terrain that pressed even through the soles of her heavy boots.

“We’ve climbed a mountain-”

“It was little more than a hill,” Riff interrupted.

“It felt like a mountain.” Milana steadied herself as the path became smoother. “And now you have to blindfold me?”

“It’s a surprise.” Riff continued to lead her forwards and, even through the blindfold, she could tell that wherever they’d just entered was bright.

The light pierced through the dark material and she frowned at the sudden change. The howling wind had stopped, only silence and the echo of dripping water surrounding them like the chimes of a musical instrument.

When Riff’s fingers fell from hers, she tensed, but then the knot of the blindfold was untied, the smooth material falling against her cheeks as it was pulled away. Milana blinked a few times to adjust her eyes to the intense brightness that battered against her. When her vision cleared, she let out a long breath, unable to form her amazement in words.

“Do you like your surprise?” Riff asked, his arm wrapping around her waist.

Milana nodded, staring around the cavern, her eyes wide and her breath stolen by the magnificence. Though she’d heard of the glow stones caves, she’d never actually seen one, they were far too protected to get anywhere near without guards shoving a weapon of some kind towards her and sending her back the way she came.

“This is…” Milana stepped further in the cave, the clear sparkling light bathing her in a white glow. “Incredible.”

“I thought you would like it.”

Milana shivered when Riff brushed a strand of hair away from her face, her attention no longer captured by the glow stones, but the man beside her. “You know me well.”

“I hope so,” he said with a gentle smile forming on his lips.

Milana raised an eyebrow and folded her arms. “And you thought bringing me here might just help you to get to know me even better?”

Riff stuttered on his reply, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck.

“Don’t worry, Riff,” Milana said with a soft laugh, saving him from the blush that was rising to his cheeks. “It worked.” She gripped the collar of his shirt and yanked him close to her. Curling her fingers around his neck she had to tip toe to press her lips against his. His lips were soft and warm as they moved against hers in a rhythm that seemed designed only for them, his arm curling around her to press her closer and deepen the kiss.

For years she’d wished to kiss him and the experience did not disappoint.


ProphecyCover Prophecy of Stones
The bond of love can conquer all, but only if it is accepted.


Prophecy states that three champions imbued with the best virtues of the mortal race: heart, strength and soul, will be the ones to save them all from an enemy which threatens to steal the life from their world and those who live upon it.

These three, along with their scribe, his bond mate, and an overly sarcastic oracle, must set off on a journey which will take them through forest, city, swamp and mountain. On this quest they activate the magical stones which charge the only weapon powerful enough to defeat Tildar and his cult of Dwell.

Yet the closer they draw to journey’s end, the more it seems that it is not the evil which will be their downfall, but the fear of a champion unwilling to accept the bond of their destiny.

Prophecy of Stones is a tale of adventure, love and magic.

To Buy:



Barnes and Noble

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