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The Plan

Because there always has to be a plan.

As I am looking (hoping!) to make my living out of being a writer I am trying to see it from a business-type perspective.

After doing some research into self-publishing and looking over a few forums and the like I discovered one of the advised approaches to self-publishing is to wait until you have a few books and publish them all at once. This is, apparently, to help make money quicker.

The logic behind this is if you publish one e-book a reader may buy it, enjoy it and want to buy more of your work. If you don’t have anything else they will leave and might forget about you when you do eventually publish something else. You have essentially lost that reader.

If you publish a few books at once you have given that reader the chance to purchase more of your books straight away.

Makes sense.

Obviously it is not all just about the money. I love writing and want to earn from it, yes, but I also want people to really enjoy reading my books. I want them to read a book of mine and come back desperate for more. In writing a few books at once I am giving myself a longer period of writing and editing time on those first novellas to get that quality that will bring people back instead of pushing one out in a rushed, excited state.

So, my plan is to publish three books (novellas) at once around mid-April.

I know what three books I want to write and am writing the first one at the moment and am most of the way through it!

In my posts I will always put an update of my progress at the bottom, this will help keep me motivated but also hopefully show people the realistic side of this goal!

My goals are:

At least 1500 words per day, 6 days a week.

First draft of first manuscript: 19th January 2014 (yes, that soon!)

First reading by my very kind readers: 20th-27th January 2014

First edit: 28th-31st January 2014

January E-Book Review out on 31st January 2014

As you can see, I have quite a busy time ahead of me. After the initial first edit I plan to put this novella away, far away. Not think about it until March when I will get it out again and read over it. By then I should have fresh eyes once again to edit!

And so we begin the first of my progress reports:

Progress Report:

Word Count: 3702

Status of First Manuscript: Writing first draft.

January E-Book Review: Choosing e-book.

My sister and mum said I should also put down the number of cups of tea I drank during my writing process that day… but for anyone who knows me that would be a horrifyingly embarrassingly high number.

What do you think of my plan? Is it an approach you’d take to publishing or do you think one book at a time is the better course of action?

4 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. I hadn’t heard about saving all your books up for once. If you couple it with a free promotion on one of your novellas, this is a good way to boost sales on all your books (worked for me). All the best with it all!

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