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Why Do Writers Write?

Not for the money, as I have been told many, many times.

And it’s true. I recently read a blog post over at Free Your Pen called, What Writers Really Earn. It was referencing an article which pretty much just summed up the fact of what we already know: Writers don’t earn much. It was in fact talking of published authors, not self published writers who find it even harder to earn from their craft.

So, why do writers write at all?

I know the answer for me is because I love to do it. I love to write. My head is always full of stories and characters that I need to get down onto paper and want to put out into the world for others to enjoy. It provides a break from reality which sometimes can feel rather suffocating.

Real life involves money worries, car troubles and just general stress. Writing gives me a break from that, a few hours where I can lose myself in adventure, love and the worries of characters who are not me. I hope that my writing can provide the reader a break from the world too. A moment where they can just enjoy rather than think.

In today’s world I think so many of us get hung up on money. I know it is an important part of life but it has overcome the world. Everything is about the money. Now, as I am taking this journey to becoming a writer I realise I want to enjoy life. I am choosing this mostly because I want to get to the end of my life and think, ‘I really enjoyed what I did’.

Don’t get me wrong, I know people have to earn money to live and that means working jobs they don’t like or giving up on dreams they can’t afford. But writing can give some just an hour of respite from that when they get home from work or on a weekend.

And I that is why I write, why I need to write. It’s a break from reality and its troubles to get lost in another, less stressful world if only for a while.

Progress Report

Status of first manuscript: With proof-readers.

January E-Book Review: 62% read.

Why do you write? Is it all about earning the money? Or is it something else?

16 thoughts on “Why Do Writers Write?

  1. I write because I need to write. Because there’s a part of my soul which screams at me if I don’t and because I’m a much better friend and mother when I fulfill this need.

  2. For pleasure, mostly my own if I’m honest, but it is lovely to get that buzz when someone else “gets” something you have written 😀 and because, like you my mind is full of stories, ideas, scenes and taking the step to writing them gives them clarity and existance 😀 I love your idea that it creates a break from reality, a space where dreams can exist, even if only for a while! 😀

  3. Oh, that’s a hard question! I write because … it’s something I’ve always done, because it’s part of me, almost like a limb but a little less as sometimes it used to get put away and left alone – but never for too long 😀 Because I like using weird analogies… 🙂

    • Making money from something we love is always a great goal and I’m pretty sure no one would turn down that opportunity! 😀 But it’s always nice to hear writers when they say they just need to write because they enjoy it, and won’t stop even if their not earning lots from it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 It’s really appreciated.

  4. Writing helps me from falling off into a void from which I may not be able to return. I write because I have too, another “saying” you have heard, and it is true. Do some writers do so for the money, yes; and then there are others who live in small apartments, shop in thrift stores, eat day old bread to survive and to keep writing. I could not begin writing until I had a permanent retirement income, do I write for money, I hope not as my royalties during the past nine months have been $37. dollars, yes, and with that I have found over the past nine months that eBooks and poetry do not make one wealthy. When offered at a low price or even free no one was interested. The eBook that appears to be provocative or offer a love story does do much better. Who has the answer, I don’t think anyone does, just keep writing! Good luck.Ann

    • Great reply to the post and all very true. Money is not everything, especially when it comes to the passion of doing something you love, such as writing.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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