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Creative Thinking with a Cold-Plagued Mind

A couple of days ago I managed to catch a cold, it wasn’t so bad to start with, I could cope. Now though, it’s turned into something awful and horrible and I feel like my head’s about to implode.

And it’s really impacted my writing. I was reading a post over at Wide Awake but Dreaming, where she has been suffering with flu (hope you’re feeling better soon!) and it got me thinking about the effect of being ill on writing.

Obviously, having a cold or feeling under the weather can effect all types of work, but for me, having a cold has been kind of odd during writing. My creative brain seems to still want to keep going and I can think of dialogue or scenes that I know are pretty good, it just becomes a problem when I have to sit and write it out. I can barely look at the page without everything in my head spinning, let alone try and actually write something that makes sense.

My word count has taken a hit from this, and I hate not meeting my target, it makes me feel bad and that only makes my cold feel worse. It’s a vicious circle.

This makes me realise the importance of the goals I have set myself, and how keeping on deadline really means a lot to me. I know that I could lengthen my deadlines to accommodate, as that is part of the beauty of self-publishing, but I don’t want to. I’ve not really been a goal-orientated kind of person before, usually losing my motivation after a few days, yet now I’ve seemed to focus and I am now so dedicated to achieving my dream of a career in self-published writing and know I am the only person who can make that wish happen.

It has also been a major surprise to me to find how much I miss being able to write these past couple of days and all just because of a silly cold!

So, my only option is to increase my word count goals when this cold has finally passed and I can move again without everything hurting.

Has your writing been affected by illness? Do you find yourself missing being able to write when something prevents you? What do you do in those times?

Progress Report

Word Count: 3780 over 2 days- 1220 less than target 😦

Status of Second Manuscript: Writing first draft.

February E-Book Review: 56% read.

19 thoughts on “Creative Thinking with a Cold-Plagued Mind

  1. Ah – I’m sorry to hear you are ill 😦 espeically in this rotten weather … am I right in thinking that you are a fellow Brit? Keep going with your goals – you can do it! (what’s that Disney song – ‘I can find my wayyyyyyy!’?) My motivation runs out easily too, but I’m getting there – one step at a time.

    • Yeah, I am indeed a fellow Brit, trying to brace myself against this never ending rain and wind! Will it ever end?

      Ah, Hercules, one of my favourite Disney movies (mainly just to listen to sassy Hades πŸ˜€ ).

      Thanks for the encouragement and commenting πŸ™‚

  2. Good question. The only thing that stops me writing is my depression, which thankfully doesn’t impede on the creative process very often. On the flip-side, when I’m feeling down, or as I call it, in a ‘dark mood’ I do some of my best work. It’s the only thing that makes me feel better, that and spending time with my daughters. On the days I can’t write, I read.
    I don’t think you should beat yourself up about not meeting your targets, as long as you readjust. I’m sure you’ve been doing writing related things, even if the word count has suffered.
    I hope you’re feeling better, and have your mojo back!
    Best Wishes.

    • Good points and comment, I’ve never suffered with depression but have a friend who has and I realise how debilitating it can be.

      I have tried to do lots of other writing stuff, like extra planning etc πŸ˜€

      Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

      • It’s hard, but I’m blessed with a positive disposition and an awareness of when I’m feeling low enough to take action. It’s important to have the right tools πŸ™‚ I find life is full of contradictions!

  3. It’s nearly impossible for me to write, or do anything really, when I’m ill. I usually end up watching crappy telly and hugging a hot water bottle. Without wanting to sound clichΓ©, I find that my best writing comes when my mind, body and soul are all in a ‘neutral’ or ‘stable’ kind of place. If one or the other is off kilter then I’m DOOOOOMED!

    I hope you feel better soon. Colds can give you an awfully fuzzy head, good fer nothin’! -x-

  4. I suffer from daily headaches and weekly nauseating migraines so writing while in pain is sort of my thing πŸ˜‰ but when there comes a time where I was unable to sit down at my computer to write I’ll find myself waking up over and over again that night feeling as though i forgot something important. My husband says I’ve gone crazy and I tell him I’ve been there for many years now! Lol

  5. I hope you’re feeling well soon, and manage to stay positive. It’s never fun trying to do something mentally taxing like writing when you’re not feeling your best.
    And I wouldn’t let falling short in your word count bother you too much, as you’ll have days where you write over, bringing you back on target.

    • Thanks for the well wishes and encouragement. I think it’s tough for anyone being ill when there’s so much they wanna do πŸ˜€

      Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  6. I find, if I get ill, that all desire for writing goes, I just read instead! I have learnt, over the years, to pay attention to my body – if I feel ill, I switch off the writing thoughts and concentrate on getting better… The words are always there when you get back to writing again!

  7. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling all that well. It can definitely be frustrating when you feel you can’t work to the best of your ability but it happens to us all from time to time and at least you’re being realistic with your targets; you wouldn’t want to push yourself too much and make yourself ill for longer!

    Also, thanks again for the VBA nomination. I’ve finally gotten round to putting together a post for it – and just to be clear, I mentioned you in my list of blogs not merely to return the favour; I’ve been really enjoying your posts! πŸ™‚

    • I was hoping this cold would be gone by now, but its really dragging its heels!

      You’re welcome on the nomination, I’ve really enjoyed your posts and poems πŸ™‚ Thanks for saying so, I’m hoping you’ll continue to enjoy my blog, even better when I’m not hindered by illness πŸ˜€

      Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

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