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Getting Ahead!

My first draft of my second novella is finished!

I’m really quite giddy with it at the moment. I finished 3 days ahead of schedule, which I was pretty proud about. Last night I sent my manuscript (edited by me many times, so hopefully it won’t be too bad!) to my proof-readers.

And now the waiting begins once again 😀

I have to say, I noticed a big difference between this novella and my first. I think my writing was a lot stronger in this one, I managed to take on board everything my proof-readers said last time and incorporate it into this one. Things like dialogue grammar, elongating my sentences, etc. It definitely is better for it.

The story itself I think is a little better, but that could be because I actually planned out this book, rather than just writing on the fly like I did with Stolen! 😀

The writing style is also quite a bit different in this one, and that’s what I wanted. It is a fantasy story, based in medieval-type times, so it needed to read differently. I think I achieved that. Also, it is more romance focused, heavily romance-focused in fact, where as Stolen has a sub-plot to it. This one also has a sub-plot, but it kind of merges into the love story, so as it feels like one plot with the romance, if that makes any sense at all!

It was quite a shock to see the difference between the two, but I’m thinking it’s a good thing that I’m improving. I’m learning all the time during this journey, and some things I know I will always do now. Planning out the story for example, that really helped so much!

I’m so excited though 😀 Before beginning this writing path, I never finished anything. I planned on writing books before but never finished them. Now I have finished two, and it feels like a real achievement. I have to remember this feeling when I start having self-doubts again. I tend to get a shot of low self-confidence during this time, so I got to keep this feeling with me 🙂

I guess now, while I’m waiting, I better go on and start planning my third!

How is your writing going? If you’ve written more than one book, did you see an improvement from one to the other? Do you ever get a hit of self-doubt?

Thank you, also to, Caffe Maggieato, for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I will be doing a post on this at the beginning of March. Thank you again, it made me smile all day 😀

Progress Report

Word Count: Final Total Word Count- 32,053.

Status of Second Manuscript: Sent to proof-readers.

February E-Book Review: Writing review.

43 thoughts on “Getting Ahead!

  1. Congratulations, that’s a fantastic achievement! 🙂

    I definitely have moments of self-doubt as well but you’re right in saying the best solution is to remind yourself of moments like this, when you know you accomplished something great 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your progress! That’s great!

    Practice always makes better, so it’s natural to see improvement from one project to the other. This week I’m finishing the final chapter for my upcoming (nonfiction) book and hope to have the intro and afterword written in March, so I’ll just need to go through formatting and illustrations once it’s back from proof reading.

    • Sounds like you’re making a good step forward with your writing too, all the best with it!

      I can’t believe how fast this year is going 😀

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. Congrats on finishing!! You SHOULD feel very proud! I haven’t completed my manuscript….yet. However there have been many, many times I have started it and just wrote on the fly. This time I planned it out and I am actually going places. I have worked on this off and for three years and even though it is not a second or third work I can already see improvement from my previous “tries”. Once again congrats! 🙂

    • Working on the same thing for so long must help quite a bit I’d imagine. You’d really get into the flow of it 😀

      Good luck with your manuscript, I think planning does help in a major way. It helped focus me on what I needed to and what came next.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂

  4. Congrats, that’s awesome!

    I started working on my second novel this month, and I can definitely feel the difference between this and my first. I do think my writing has gotten stronger, and doing so much editing and revision on the first novel is paying off plenty of dividends this second time through. I also did some light outlinining and fleshed out the backstory for myself, so I could have some of the big points to reach in the book as a sort of watermark, if that makes any sense. I’m pantsing this one a lot less and have a clearer end-game in sight than I did for Convergence. So yeah, I’m seeing a huge difference in storytelling, clarity, and, also, work ethic as I’ve made writing an achieveable daily goal of trying to hit at least 1,000 words a day. It’s a work load that’s easy for me to manage to stick to.

    As far as the writing process is going, I haven’t hit that big old wall of self-doubt yet, but there’s still plenty of time! lol

    Good luck with the novella and future works!

  5. So you write the draft and then let it sit–percolate–see what your subconscious (or Muse) wants changed? Is that what you mean by ‘wait’? I do that, but I couldn’t write another novel during that period because I’d start confusing the pieces. I usually turn to non-fic.

    • No, I meant wait for the manuscript to come back from the proof-readers. Though I am putting away my manuscripts until April and then going to get them out a final time to go over them before eventually publishing them 🙂

      It is good to take a break from them, and come back with fresh eyes.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  6. Congratulations Harliqueen. My first three chapters are with an agent, busily editing the rest. I do sometimes wonder if anyone will ever want to read my words. Then I buck up and say, ‘of course they will:))’

    • Editing is usually the time I start getting a bit uncertain, I pick up again once I get back into writing properly.

      Congratulations to you too, for getting things sent to agents and editing! 😀

  7. First of all (and most important) congratulations, its a wonderful feeling when you complete any book never mind your second : )

    To answer your question – I’ve written a trilogy, and yes your writing does improve with each book, I guess its because you are building on all the experience you gained from the first book and because you are starting to learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

    For me personally, the biggest learning curve was writing my books of short stories, as you need to make each story unique but fit in with the rest.so that book as a whole does not seem disjointed.

    Congratulations again : )


    • I can see how making short stories seem of a similar theme but unique would be difficult! Don’t think I’d attempt that 😀

      Congratulations on writing a trilogy, that’s impressive! What an achievement.

      Thanks for the congrats, and the comment 🙂

    • Thank you very much 😀 I will try, can’t wait to get my manuscripts back from proof-readers though! All this waiting is difficult.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  8. Congratulations!

    I’m still working on my first complete, and several short stories. I think, when I compare my completed work with novels I’ve started in the past and promised myself I’d finish eventually, that my writing has improved with each one. I think it comes with practice, you know what story you want to tell, and with practice you find the best way to tell it.

    • Definitely agree with you on that! 🙂 I think I am learning to find a better way to get my stories down onto the page.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, much appreciated 🙂

  9. It’s great to hear that you managed to finish ahead of schedule, after stressing about it while you were sick.

    I have to agree, it’s always a greatest feeling when you finish a piece of work, and you get to see how all that time, effort and emotion paid off.

    Planning out the story in advance is something I’ve found really helps you keep the story on-track and consistent, plus allows you plan out those important part better, so you get a nice flow of events and character development. Though I’ve found sometimes as I’m writing the characters in my story decide to take control from me, which complicates things when I have to keep revising my outline.

    I’ve noticed it too, that every story I write is better than the last, which is really great for the future stories, but makes me cringe every time I look at older work. It’s also why I’ve been holding off on a story I really want to write, so I can get good enough to do it justice, I just have to make sure I actually start working on it when I get to that stage, and not just keep putting it off, thinking that I’ll be even better after I’ve done just a bit more writing.

    Sorry about the long comment, I’ll finish with wishing you good luck with the last part of getting the story ready to publish, and that I can’t wait to read it once it’s available.

    • No worries about the long comment, I enjoy hearing from others and how they are doing 🙂 Putting off a story until you’re writing is better seems like a good plan, but as you say, just got to make sure it doesn’t get to a stage where you’re just putting it off for the sake of worrying about writing it 😀

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  10. congrats on finishing ahead of schedule – that’s a major achievement! always suffer from self-doubt but always overcome it by being stubborn – I am a writer, I will write and people (those who’ve got back to me anyway) say they enjoy what I’ve written! don’t forget to take a break between novels – don’t burn out!

    • I think being stubborn is a great way to overcome self-doubt 😀

      Definitely am going to need to take a break, I have to remind myself!

      Thanks for the congrats and commenting 🙂

  11. Congrats! I had thought it’d still be a while yet, I was surprised myself when I heard you had it done already. Just means you were enjoying it, right? That’s always a good sign for writing quality.

    • I was loving writing it 🙂 There wasn’t one scene where I found myself getting bored or feeling as though I was struggling to get something down. I think that definitely helped!

      Thank you for commenting and thank you for proof-reading! 🙂

    • I know what you mean, I managed to make the characters much richer this time around. Guess practice really does work 😀

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂

  12. Congratulations, what a wonderful achievement. It’s wonderful to see how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve developed. Looking back on earlier work can be a daunting but fulfilling experience. I think we all experience the excitement of seeing how far we’ve come. Thanks for sharing your journey. Mel

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