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One down…

I filled an entire notebook. It was a pretty chunky one too.


Now I know many of you are probably glancing to your piles of filled notebooks from over the years and thinking, ‘um, ok?’, but to me this is kind of a big deal.

I love stationary, new notebooks, pens etc. So I tend to start new notebooks a lot, never actually finishing them. To fill one completely was rather a nice accomplishment for me. Not just the fact I stuck with one notebook all the way to the end, but also flicking back through it and seeing how much I wrote (it contains practically all of my hand-written first drafts of my first and second novellas) and all the ideas, research and dialogue that I’ve gathered in it. It’s all a bit of a crazy mess, but I can understand it at least… most of the time!

I have to keep the notebook near me, as it does contain lots of reference and things I need for my current novella, and once I finish that it has lots about self-publishing I’ve gathered over a few months, and even starts to the plan for my fourth novella. So, even though I’ve finished it, it’s still going to be carried around everywhere I go 😀

Even though it’s a good thing and I feel really happy about it, it’s kind of a bad thing too.

This notebook had the perfect paper for me to write on.

I just haven’t found another notebook with paper so nice. My pen and that notebook paper just flowed so nicely. And I can’t exactly wander into my local stationary shop, opening notebooks and trying out my pen on their stock (as much as I wish I could 😀 ).

For now I am using a notebook I had to hand, with not so nice paper, but it means I can still write! I wasn’t actually prepared for finishing my notebook, apparently I just thought it would go on forever, so hadn’t planned and bought a new notebook ready.

Even with the loss of my nice paper, I still feel a real sense of accomplishment at filling my notebook and seeing how much I’ve written. It reminded me that I should take pride in the small things like this, it’s not just the big things I should feel great about, why shouldn’t I be happy at the littler things I do?

So, don’t forget to take a step back sometimes, and be proud of even the small things you accomplish 🙂

What small (or big) things have you accomplished lately? Do you have a favourite notebook? Do you keep a notebook at all?

Progress Report

Word Count: 2905 (20,749 total).

Status of Third Manuscript: Writing first draft.

March E-Book: 100% read. Writing review.

67 thoughts on “One down…

  1. I love your notebook and the little post it’s! I haven’t had a “notebook” for a while. Deciphering my own writing has become harder over the years lol. Good luck finding the new perfect notebook!

    • I have to have post-it’s, my notebook is such a jumble of things 😀 I hope I find a nice notebook too, for now though, I will use this random one, at least it’s paper to write on!

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. My favorite notebook I’ve had since 2010. It’s nothing fancy…just a 5-subject spiral notebook. The cover is missing and I’ve written in random chunks throughout the notebook, so I have no idea where the beginning or end is. It’s like a never ending circle of ideas, scenes from 3 different novels, character sketches, etc. The corners of the pages are dog-eared and stained with coffee, tea, blood–you name it. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. It goes everywhere with me in case of a sudden burst of inspiration 🙂

    • All those things- coffee stains, etc- just adds character, shows it’s been loved 😀 I couldn’t live without a notebook now! Don’t know how I ever managed before.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. The notebook I am using for my current WIP gets carried around with me every day, even if I don’t really plan on using it. I’ve never filled up a notebook with my stories and such (even though this one is getting darn close), but I have filled up an entire journal. Flipping back through those pages and seeing where I’ve been is very nostalgic.

    Hopefully someday I can look back at my notebook, full of my drafts, notes, and research and feel the pride that you do for yours. 🙂

    • I do enjoy looking back through, it makes me smile. Some of my older writing is not quite as good as I’d like, but it’s nice to see how far I’ve come 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  4. My notebook is a black rather small moleskine, unlined. I have a slightly bigger moleskine waiting to be used – and this one will definitely require post its… As we all can never know when inspiration strikes it is inevitable to have a notebook handy. 😀

    • I love moleskin notebooks, they do have nice paper!
      Post-its are definitely useful when you have a mess of ideas, but when inspiration strikes, you just have to jot it down no matter if it might end up messy 😀

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  5. I have an entire drawer full of spiral notebooks. Like you, I rarely finish filling one to the end. Right now, I have one with a ton of notes and ideas on a novel that I want to start working on soon. I’m well past the halfway point in this notebook and think I might actually fill it up to the very last page.

  6. Hi Harliqueen, I know what you mean. I have a red notebook, that’s got chinese style pictures on. I deliberately don’t fill it as I don’t want it it to end. I use notebooks every day. A parker pen is best as well. Great post:))

  7. Now the question I have is…IF you were to stumble across a nice new notebook w/ perfect paper would you re-write our notes in it? Or am I the only one who would do that? Life is too short not to enjoy the little things.

    • I don’t think I’d know where to start in re-writing my notes, they’re such a jumble! 😀 Plus, I always start a new notebook nice and neat, with the intention of keeping it nice… that lasts about 3 pages, lol!

      • not even remotely possible for me to be neat with writing. i’m a neat freak, but can’t apply that to writing my ideas down either. I re-write a lot of my stuff trying to organize it.

  8. Great post! I love stationary as well and can definitely relate to having lots of different notebooks on the go at once.

    My favourite one is a small, A5 hardback notebook with a print that looks and feels like a vintage map of the world on the cover. I love it and use it sparingly so as to make it last. I’ve taken to writing finalised character names from each of my projects in it so I have a catalogue of what I’ve already used 🙂

    • That’s a clever idea, I have sometimes thought of a great character name and then realised I’ve used it already in something else 😀

      That notebook sounds lovely, I do like vintage feeling stuff, especially maps, something about them gets my imagination flowing. Probably because they’re so beautifully drawn.

      Thank you for reading and commenting :

  9. Congrats!! I used to be the same way with notebooks… I have a whole box filled with partially-filled notebooks!! Working through one notebook at a time is a fantastic habit to get into, really really helpful. (I have so many that I have to sticky-tab the important pages 🙂 )

  10. Congrats! I understand about the notebook. I’m the same way with my pens (I only like the blue g2 gel pens) and my current notebook is beautiful and the perfect size for my bag. A friend gave it to me so I will be a little sad when it’s filled since I have no idea where to get another. I usually use the college-ruled composition books.

    • My notebook was heavy and big, bad for trying to fit into my bag, but I did it anyway 😀

      They always mean a bit more when they’re given as a gift, at least notebooks are the kind of presents that last, even when filled.

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  11. Good going!

    I’m a bit quirky, in that I like a specific fine-point pen for journalling. The uglier the point, the more horrible (well, in my eyes) my handwriting. And I like nice paper, too. 🙂

    • See, it’s all about the right equipment, and getting a good balance! 😀 I honestly do think it makes a difference when I’m writing!

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  12. I only write in notebooks if I’m away from my laptop. I hate writing by hand, as I can type faster (and read it better later) LOL. Years ago when I wrote a journal, I used spirals and used to decorate them with my fav band names using markers, glitter and stuff. I still have them and look back at them fondly. They could be used as blackmail if someone could decipher my scratch! 🙂

    • I have never kept a journal, but it’s always been tempting, being able to glance back at my past and at certain times and how I was feeling 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  13. Oh, I love new notebooks. And I love the little 5 x 7 notebooks even better. Each one starts out being “my new notebook of writing ideas” but then becomes a scratch pad for phone numbers, a collection of grocery lists, and a running count of word tallies. But I’ve never filled one with just writing. Kudos and Good luck finding your next notebook 🙂

    • I do try to be strict about what goes in my notebook, just writing stuff. For all the other lists I have tons of scrap paper with scrawled writing all over them 😀

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  14. Notebooks are love! I mostly use them for my fiction projects (i.e. I haven’t touched them forever) but I also always keep a small one with me for ideas on the go. I love keeping notebooks, including storing future empty ones! Now you’re making me wonder whether I should make a notebook post!

    Congrats on finishing this notebook! 🙂

    • Thanks for the congrats, it was quite an accomplishment for me 😀

      I do love notebooks though, and if I am actually filling them, I have a real excuse to stock up pretty new ones just in case I ever finish one unexpectedly again!

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 Will definitely read your post on notebooks if you do one!

  15. I have a stack of five notebooks on the left side of my desk. If I could keep them organized and use them like I am supposed to, I’d be in much better shape. Instead, I have piles and piles of torn out pages that sit on my desk totally disorganized. It is a miracle that i accomplish anything at all.

    • I know what you mean, trying to be organised takes more effort than just jotting stuff down 😀 I do try and start a new notebook with the idea of being tidy, and it doesn’t last long at all!

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  16. Nice! When I was in high school, I used to loooove filling notebooks; went through several a month. This one I’m on now, I’ve been working on for like 2 years haha. I’m almost done, but it doesn’t help that I do a lot of my writing on the computer these days. So, congratulations – I know the feeling. ;]

    • I didn’t fill any notebooks when I typed things, because, well, computer is so much more convenient 😀 But I am handwriting everything now, so that does make a huge difference obviously!

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  17. I love your notebook! Congratulations on your accomplishment of filling it. We are very alike in this respect. From an early age, I loved paper and pencils. I have notebooks all over my desk – in varying degrees of completion. I start a new one for every book, and add publishing notes along the way. And I have ONE notebook that I loved – the binding, the lines, the paper … but I’ve not been able to find one like it since. Love your post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 It is nice to find the perfect notebook, though I fear I will never find another one the same!

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  18. I have three or four notebooks partially filled right now; like you, I have a hard time finishing them up! I have longer stories in progress in two of them, and the others are for my random bits and pieces, journaling and poetry.

    • It would probably be more organised of me to keep separate notebooks for different things, like you. Easy to remember where I wrote notes for specific things then! Plus, another excuse to buy yet more lovely notebooks 😀

      Thank you reading and commenting 🙂

  19. I LOVE notebooks I have at least 15 blank ones. I use it to write notes and most of my first book as well. If I really like a notebook I buy a few of the same one. 🙂

  20. I get it about the notebooks — I have so many half-filled ones lying about. I don’t know why exactly. I always have a notebook or a journal with me, just not the same one all the time. Not exactly efficient, is it? But it’s a treat to find the perfect notebook. I don’t suppose there is an ISBN number on the back cover or anywhere on the notebook? Sometimes you can try to find it that way through a bookstore or stationery store or something.

    • Oh, I never thought of that, I will have to take a look. I think I bought it years ago, and it was lying around in my cupboard for ages. It was a notebook of convenience when I first started writing, and then realised I couldn’t be without it! 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  21. Ahhhh, I love to start a new notebook. The blank page has so much promise!

    A few journals/notebooks ago, I started using a table of contents on the last page and work my may in so I can easily find things in the notebook without flipping through every page. If I write something about a new story idea, in the ToC I’ll write “Story idea:” and put a word or two about it or “Poem: Title” etc. Now I wouldn’t go without a ToC and I don’t have to use stickies or post its (as often).

    Congrats on finishing the book and moving onto a new one – I agree it’s tough to do.

    • That is a brilliant idea! I think I might do that in my next note book, a table of contents would make a lot of sense, and much easier to navigate than post-it notes 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  22. I too have notebooks, big ones, small ones, plain and colorful ones. To me, they are essential for organizing my life as well as my blog and writing. I too have the problem of never finishing a notebook before I begin using another one, but I am working on fixing that 🙂

    • It is hard to finish one notebook, when there are so many other pretty ones 😀 And I tend to find I move on to a new one when my old one starts to get REALLY messy, about half way through, but I’m glad I ploughed on with this one. Even if it is the messiest thing I’ve ever owned!

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  23. I think enjoying the process is important. Many people want to *have written*, but a writer is the person who writes, and enjoys the process. If you don’t enjoy those little pleasures, like filling a gorgeous notebook, then why are you pouring yourself heart and soul into it? I say that this just shows that you love what you do!

    • You make a very good point! Filling a notebook is part of the fun, jotting down all those ideas and scenes, etc 😀 If I wasn’t able to fill a notebook, then maybe I should be worried!

      Thank you for reading and commenting, much appreciated 🙂

  24. I’ve always kept notebooks on hand, but late last year, I started using journals instead of notebooks, jotting down thoughts and ideas as they popped into my head. I’ve filled up three since then (something I’ve never done with my notebooks), and am working on a fourth. This one is different though, as I have sectioned it into five categories (blog, writing, reviews, crafts/recipes, and random), and I’m pretty certain I’ll fill one up a couple of the sections faster than others. We’ll see. I love how you’ve put Post-it notes throughout yours, Maybe instead of sectioning my next one, I’ll use Post-Its to dictate different types of information. 🙂

    • You’ve filled 3? Wow, I was pleased at just one 😀

      That’s a good idea, sectioning it up, I never thought of that. My post-it notes are all jumbled, because that’s how my thoughts came to me, and I realised I needed some way to organise all the mess. Thankfully I could colour co-ordinate it, I do love colour co-ordinating stuff!

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

      • You should be pleased with one. You should be pleased with any accomplishment you make – big or small. The journals I filled were between 75 and 100 pages. Not a lot since I wrote sooooooo many different things in it, and not just writing-related. 🙂

      • I do like to enjoy the small accomplishments as well as the big, I think it’s easy to get lost with just wanting to reach bigger goals, we forget to enjoy the smaller things we do 🙂

  25. YAY, you! That does stink when you can’t instantly match the perfect paper, but good for you for finishing it! 😀 Good luck in your search for your next papery companion. 😉

  26. Notebook, pens and colored sticky notes are my weakness. I even have sticky notes on my desktop. Your notebook is quite colorful, and I am so impressed that you filled it. I have some notebooks that, for me, are “too pretty to write in”, but you’ve given me the go-ahead to fill it with my scritch-scratch. Wonderful!

    • I do love pretty notebooks, it’s my weakness too 😀 It’s a shame they have to be blemished by mess of handwriting and notes!

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  27. Back to school time with all the new notebooks and pens is my favorite time of year. I have to work very hard restraining myself and not buying everything, still I probably buy a new notebook every year and I’m not sure if I’ve ever filled one up. So congratulations! If there’s a brand name in the notebook maybe you can find a new one by the same company.

  28. I, like you, have a variety of different notebooks, and I adore stationary; paper, pens, books – I can’t get enough! I have several on the go at the same time and I really should find a better system 🙂 When it comes to research, or plot ideas, or character notes, I do this on a wipe-board or on sheets I designed, because you wouldn’t think it, but in some areas I can be quite organised!

    Filling the notebook in is a great accomplishment and it’s something you can look back on and be proud of, so well done.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I know what you mean, having stuff scrawled down in random places isn’t the most organised system 😀

      I did see somewhere that it was suggested to use a pin-board, which I might look into. Though I can see that getting messy very quickly too!

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

      • I large wipe-board is excellent for your current project. You can stick things to it too and write notes, which can be rubbed out/updated. It’s like having an evidence board!! 🙂

  29. Notebooks are my other great love, and filling one is always a cause for celebration. Congratulations! Your notebook certainly looks well loved, and I can relate to the tiny bit of grieving when a well-loved book is full. It’s never “just a notebook,” as cover, size, paper, pen, etc, all make a huge difference. Here’s wishing you find a notebook to love again soon.

    • The note book certainly was loved, and went everywhere with me, even though it was so bulky and heavy to carry around 😀 But I couldn’t have done without it.

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  30. I have a number of notebooks, and I start a new one for each novel, so those don’t get filled all the way. Maybe I’ll reuse them in the future, but I have a drawer full of notebooks in stock; and I have a NaNoWriMo notebook that I take to SF conventions. And I have stickers on some; that’s fun.

    • I think starting a new one for each book is a good idea, and definitely I am going to have to consider with the way my last one got so confusing 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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