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Let’s make a list…

Photo by TwistedPixel on flickr

Photo by TwistedPixel on flickr

Easter is almost upon us, over the break I plan to do a lot of reading. It is really relaxing and spending a day doing nothing but reading is a great luxury, as Taylor Grace also finds!

As I was searching through the kindle books on Amazon, I realised just how many books there are and how easy it is for some to get lost in the wealth of books out there.

I like discovering books by all authors, but after reading a snippet of Winterbayne’s CampNaNo project that she sent me (which is shaping up to be awesome!), I realised I would most love to read the books of fellow bloggers if they’ve managed to publish their own and wondered if other bloggers might feel the same.

So I’ve decided to give this post over to you in the hopes you can provide titles and/or links to some of your books you’ve written (either self-published or traditional), or any books that you’ve read recently and fallen in love with.

Genre is not a limit, I love all kinds of books, and the more genres we have the more others might find books they like too.

So, have a blast and in the comments post your book (with a tag line or short description if possible) and let’s see if we can find some new books for us all to read and enjoy! Hopefully this will be a list we can all look to when we are searching for something new to read and want to help support our fellow authors and bloggers 🙂

Also, I will be taking a break from blogging, writing and well everything in general over Easter. No technology, just a proper break to spend with family (and books obviously).

**I won’t be posting from 17th-22nd, and will be back on Wednesday 23rd, so no comments or posts from me in that time.**

Hope you all have a great Easter, and find some great new books to read and share! Let’s not forget to support each other as we take on this writing journey 🙂

37 thoughts on “Let’s make a list…

  1. What a wonderful idea. I love supporting fellow writers, especially indie authors, so would love to check out some people’s books.

    Here’s the link to the UK Amazon page for my book, The Vessel – a dystopian thriller about a young woman seeking to expose a corrupt government’s dark secrets.
    It’s available worldwide via Amazon for anyone interested 🙂

    Also, good on you for taking a break. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  2. I don’t have anything done yet, but a blogger I follow (http://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com/) recently released Wild Concept and I’ve been dying to give it a read – I just have to finish the series I’m in the middle of first.
    You can pick it up here

    (*crosses fingers* I hope all those links worked….)

  3. I have so many wordpress author friends who have published, so welcome to my blog : http://redclayandroses1.wordpress.com/,
    and while you are there check out the books and Book Reviews tabs. There are all sorts of genre represented. from historical fiction “Corridor of Darkness” one of my most favorites, to si-fi fantasy…The Legends of Windemere if you like sword and sorcery, or The book of Lost Doors series in you like sci-fi urban fantasy. I always put a plug in for Sarah Cradit’s paranormal romance series…and then, of course, if you like something serious that is a fictionalized true story that primarily takes place in the 1950s in the (south civil rights and women’s issues) try my novel, “Red Clay and Roses.” A short easy read for southern folklore and you might like “The Legend of Stuckey’s Bridge.” Medical thriller, try Carrie Rubin’s “Seneca Scourge”. Both Carrie and Sarah are in the top 500 finalists for best Amazon book. Oh geez…I could go on forever………

  4. A very good way to share the Easter spirit of giving to others by opening up you blog.

    We are a husband and wife team who blog and write books as well as feature authors on our blog: http://cdhersh.wordpress.com We have guest authors on every Thursday and Friday plus other times we talk about our joint writing journey.

    We are also published by Soul Mate Publishing. Our first book in the series, “The Promised One – Turning Stone Chronicles” is available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/ebook/dp/B00DUMODKI

    The series is about a shape shifting society that lives among us. The members of The Turning Stone Society have a magical blood stone ring, that changes them into other personas: male, female and animal, with a few twists the usual shape shifting worlds don’t have.

    Have a fun and enjoyable Easter.

  5. Spending a day just reading sounds like a great idea. You might want to sip wine too, or nibble cake or chocolate … I’m part of Writecritical too, so if you follow Susan’s link, you should find my free short story collection.

  6. A great Easter to you too!

    I have a number of books out already (sf & fantasy). Some were previously published in “legacy” publishing (e.g. I had to submit and wait to get accepted), some are indie originals. Since it’s a bit much for a blog comment, I will just point you int he direction of my book page, which includes blurbs and links:


  7. What a cool idea. My erotic paranormal White Doe is on Amazon. A shape-shifter’s sensual reconnection with a lost love leads him to understand his legacy and ultimate destiny. Have a great Easter and enjoy your time reading.

  8. Have a wonderful Easter and I believe its a good idea to take a break during this holiday–I shall do the same 🙂

  9. I also love this idea!!! I’ll have to come back to this and read the comments when I have a moment to compile new books. Pssst today I posted a page from Phoenix! You were so kind to mention me yet again.

  10. Have a great Easter! 🙂 I am still hoping to get some fiction published at some point, but so far all my published works were nonfiction (Science Fiction, Gender Studies, Vidding…). You can find all information on my publication pages. Some are eBooks available for purchase online, some are open access articles: http://natachaguyot.org/publications/

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  12. What a nice gesture! I’m editing my WIP at the moment but I don’t see it being done at the moment. However, I wouldn’t mind reading anyone’s books if they wanted me to.

    Happy Easter!

  13. I hope you had a fine Easter, Harliqueen. As you might know I tried NANO for the first time last year. I’d been writing for decades but this was the first time I broke down and signed up for the yearly mayhem.At any rate, I’ve not yet sent that book (the NANO book) to my publisher but hopefully (*fingers crossed*) it will be coming along some day one way or another. Right now, I’m kicking around the next title in my dark/supernatural fantasy series Antique Magic. Will I submit to Camp Nano? I don’t know. Maybe. It was a little rough on me, last time (physically), I must admit, but I’d definitely like to move ahead on that one before the other half of the year gets cranking.

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