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April E-Book Review: One Chance by Rishika S.

One Chance by Rishika S

**I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Goodreads summary of One Chance:

‘Her dream came true… and turned into a nightmare.

When Ethan Russell proposed to Ava, she didn’t hesitate to accept; and then began a life filled with love and joy. But Ethan Russell has a secret – a secret that will threaten his marriage and devastate the woman to whom he vowed love and trust forever. He knew that his past needed to remain forgotten if they were to have a future.
When fate intervenes and the horror of a connected past rears its ugly head, they lose everything that they shared. Now, Ava can trust no one, especially not the man who’d vowed to love her. And Ethan has but one opportunity to gain her love and trust again, one shot to help them move beyond the past, and one chance at a blissful forever after.’

Well, first thing I should say is how much emotion and story was packed into this short, but good sized read. I finished it in an afternoon, and it was great sitting down with a cup of tea and reading, then forgetting the time and finding a couple of hours later that I’d finished the whole thing.

The story was set-up really well at the beginning, you got a real sense of the characters, their relationship and their lives.

It is a shorter read, but it didn’t feel rushed or that anything was missing, it was a great length to tell this story.

One of the strengths of this book, and one that really caught me was the emotion. There was a lot of it in this book, and if a story ever gave me ‘feels’ it was this one. I’d definitely say have a box of tissues handy for tears of all kinds- happy and sad.

I don’t think there were any spelling or grammar errors, at least, I didn’t see any, so the story flowed really well, without anything breaking the immersion.

It was a good pace, there wasn’t any fluff bulking it out, but it read as a contained, well thought out story with every scene progressing the story onwards.

One Chance is a story of two people coming together, and attempting to overcome their pasts as a couple. It’s a sweet story, heart-breaking but touching, and a really good read. I would recommend giving it a go, it’s one of those stories that give a real sense of optimism after reading, even after everything that happens.



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Also, well done to all those who made it through the A-Z blog challenge and CampNano, you’ve produced some really great posts! 😀

26 thoughts on “April E-Book Review: One Chance by Rishika S.

    • I would say it was, there was certainly A LOT of suspense in it! 😀

      I need to get better at reviews, trying to make it clearer! It’s all a learning process though, right?

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

    • It is nice when people ask to you to review a book in exchange for an honest review, it really feels like I’m contributing and helping support other authors.

      Just got to learn how to write good reviews now 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  1. I usually prefer full length novels to novellas, but I’ve been finding a lot of really good shorter reads out there these days. This sounds intriguing. It makes me wonder about Ethan’s past and dark secret 🙂

    • I do like shorter reads, it’s nice to be able to finish something over a weekend or a few days when I’m not in the mood for getting into something meatier! 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. I love the GoodReads description – so mysterious! 😉 I don’t read many novellas, but I think I’ll ask my mom to pick this one up for me if it was that good… 😀

    • I’m hoping I can learn as I do it, I’m not the best yet, I do forget to add things. But hopefully I will get there 😀

      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

    • The author definitely is! 😉 Mishka is great at reviewing I think and in would definitely reach out to her for reviewing more of my books as they’re released. I think she really understands the soul of stories.

  3. Was a little ill for a few days and came back just in time to read your review! Thanks so much for the kind words. They really made my day! 😀

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