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Lucky 7 and Stay-cation time! :D

I was tagged by Rain of Rain’s Writing Realm to participate in this! So let’s give it a go 😀

The Rules:
Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.
Go to line 7
Post on your blog the next 7 sentences or 7 lines —as they are!
Tag 7 people and do the same.
You can choose between page 7 or 77.

Ok so- Page 7, Line 7, 7 sentences. (Oh, hit a rather exciting moment!)

“It is time,” the council servant said, bringing Kai back to the conversation.
“Not for me,” Milana replied, crossing her arms once again.
“You cannot refuse your destiny,” the man shouted, slamming his fist down onto the table. Kai flinched. It was the first time he’d seen any council servant express emotion, especially with such an angered reaction.
Milana was unmoved by the display. “I don’t care for destiny.”

So there, a teaser from my current WIP, in all its unedited glory 😀 Considering I don’t like sharing stuff about my current projects, I’ve done a lot of that this week!

So to tag 7 people-

Sierra (Permashift)
Melissa Barker-Simpson
Callum McLaughlin
Crystin Goodwin
Taylor Grace
YOU! (Mwahaha, yes, I tag you if you’re reading this!)

In other news-

I am going on a stay-cation 😀 I will be away from 21st-29th June.

In that time I won’t be around on the blog or email, I will be completely gone. Going to have a week resting, hanging out with family, and watching the tennis (yay for Wimbledon!).

I have some posts scheduled, but I will note on each post that I am away, so people don‘t think I am just ignoring them if they post a comment 😀

So I hope every one has a fantastic week! And I will be back to normal on the 30th June 🙂

Progress Report:

Word Count: 7190 (46,397 total word count)
Status of Fourth Manuscript: Writing first draft.

Books read: 1/4

June eBook Review: Review written and ready.

33 thoughts on “Lucky 7 and Stay-cation time! :D

    • I’m really glad 😀 It has been a really great book to write so far, a story that makes me excited and motivated to keep going!

      Thank you for your encouraging comment 🙂

  1. I loved your snippet. It was fun. I think this sounds like fun, guess I’ll have to pull up my WIP tonight and see what my page 7 or 77 looks like 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your stay-cation! That sounds like a superb idea and I might have to do the same.

  2. Have a great stay-cation! The teaser was great fun and just the perfect size to have a dozen questions popping into our heads and the interest beginning to build 🙂 By the time it’s published we’ll be in a frenzy to get our hands on it! Thanks for sharing, and for including me.
    Take care

    • Glad you liked the teaser, it’s certainly been an exciting story to write! Can’t wait to read it all finished, I can barely what happened at the beginning when I wrote it, feels so long ago!

      Thank you for reading and commenting (can’t wait to read yours if you manage to take part!) 🙂

  3. I love the lines, “You cannot refuse your destiny” and “I don’t care for destiny”–looks like another good story is on its way 🙂

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