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A break from the norm

There is no Romance Weekly blog post this week, due to most of the writers being at the RWA Nationals 🙂

As such, I just wanted to take the chance to post some of the reviews I’ve received for my books because, well, I’m kinda chuffed with them 😀

Melissa Barker-Simpson posted her review of Heart of the Arena (5* on Amazon), which had me smiling all day yesterday!

Heart of the Arena has had two 5* reviews and two 4* reviews.

I had my first review for The Queen’s Jester (4* review), which I can say I was pretty pleased with!

‘Not sure what I was expecting when I started this book, colour me surprised when I finished it. I’d completed it in a couple of hours and was actually disappointed that it ended.
I found the story well written and fast paced, filled with Romance, intrigue and suspense. A story that had me guessing till the end as to what would unfold for Queen Marie, her husband King Warrick and her Jester..
With out giving anything away “no spoilers”…. I was amazed with the unexpected twist at the end and was pleased with how the author ended the story. I was left with that oh so wonderful feeling that, YES!!! that’s how I wanted it to end…

Would recommend this book to all fans of romance ..’

As for Stolen Bloodline, I’ve had three 5* reviews on Amazon!

I’m definitely having a positive day! 😀

The best way for indie/self-published authors to sell books is through reviews and word of mouth, so if you do enjoy a book then why not leave a quick review? Your support will always be appreciated 🙂

Progress Report:

Status of Prophecy of Stones: Completing edits from the readers.

Books read: 2/4

Status of July eBook review: Written and ready.

28 thoughts on “A break from the norm

  1. What a fantastic review for The Queen’s Jester, now I’m going to have to bump it up my reading list – especially knowing how much I enjoyed your previous books. I’m thrilled you’re getting the credit you deserve…may the reviews keep rolling in 🙂

    • Thank you so much!

      And I am so grateful for the reviews you’ve given, and glad that you enjoyed my books!

      I’m off to Amazon to buy yours this afternoon, can’t wait to read it 😀

      • Thanks, Mishka 🙂 Let me know when I can send you Hands of Evil for a review. It will be released on the 31 July so whenever you’re ready; I know you have others booked in.

  2. This is so exciting to hear and read about the positive feedback you are receiving on your books! I plan to read The Queen’s Jester in August, so you will be receiving another review soon!

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