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Fuel for Motivation

Something to think of. It’s always interesting to find out more about how individual the writing process sis to everyone 🙂

Katharine Marie

In the writing world one often hears about quirks and habits that others have in order to get as much work done as possible. Some people can only work with instrumental music, some have to have complete silence. One person must have a certain type of tea or wine while the other one needs a bowl of Skittles beside their special laptop.

It is very interesting to me to read about these differences between writers. Actually, its not just writers at all, but nearly all types of artists who have these habits and must-haves.

This article over at The Sprint Shack got me thinking about why we have these habits. Does it actually have something to do with the creative processes, or is it just a mental block thing that we could get over if we really wanted to?

For myself when I write, I spend very little time getting…

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