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Special – Short piece.

Another short piece today, though it was inspired by this picture on Pinterest- http://www.pinterest.com/pin/460352393132896009/

Hope you enjoy it, I’m trying to get back into the hang of writing short pieces! 😀

“There is something wrong with her. She’s not… normal.” The voices were muffled through the closed door, but Violet could still hear her father as clear as though he were stood before her.

“She’s special, Roger,” Violet’s mother argued, though her voice was weak as it always was when speaking to her husband.

“No, Izzy, she’s not special. She’s wrong.”

Violet ruffled the skirt of her lilac dress and sat crouched against the bare wall of the hospital hallway. She had spent most of her short five years inside the blank walls of the hospital. The stark white tiles were cold against her bare feet and she suppressed a shiver.

“Violet is an amazing specimen,” a cold, flat voice said from the room behind the door.

“Specimen?” Violet’s mother gasped.

Violet pondered the word ‘specimen’ for a moment, but couldn’t think of what it meant, so went back to staring at her stuffed rabbit. The toy was old and worn, but brought more comfort than anything Violet had ever owned.

“You are special, Mimi,” Violet whispered to her bunny, one long ear held between her stubby fingers. The fluffy skirt the toy wore, once bright pink, had faded to a pale rose colour, but it still sparkled in the solitary shaft of sunlight that cascaded down the hallway.

“You have to do something about her,” her father said.

Violet twirled Mimi in her hand, the bunny’s floppy arms whirling around behind it.

“There is electroshock therapy.”

Mimi danced in the light, the faded, ratty pink skirt gliding up and down as Violet bounced the bunny as though it were leaping.

“Roger, you can’t let them-”

“I will do what I must, Izzy.”

Violet’s deep blue eyes twinkled and Mimi spun again.

The door snapped open and Violet rolled her head to the side to look upon her father, his stern gaze focused on Mimi. Dancing in the sunlight, the bunny continued to swirl, though Violet was no longer touching it.

Roger stomped forward and ripped the stuffed toy from the floor, Violet’s heart lurching into her stomach at his violent force against her only friend.

“Stop it, Violet!” he commanded, shoving Mimi towards his wife. He didn’t look at his daughter, he never did, instead he strode off down the hall, his wife following behind with heavy steps.

Violet’s face pinched together to see Mimi flopping around in her mother’s grip as her parents disappeared through the doors.
The door to the office opened again and the doctor with the fuzzy grey hair stepped out.

“Come in, Violet.”

It’s a little dark, as all my short stuff seems to be! Not sure why I always go for the creepy age in my short writing, definitely something I will have to work on stopping!

Still, I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great weekend 😀

*This is a scheduled post and I won’t be back until Tuesday to answer any comments or emails 🙂 *

22 thoughts on “Special – Short piece.

  1. I loved, LOVED this piece! I would read an entire book on it. Wow. That was awesome, Mishka! I wanted to know more about the dad and the mom and what was going to happen. The suspense built so quickly I started chewing on the side of my coffee cup!

  2. Poor little Violet. Your story might be a little dark, but my thoughts certainly were towards her parents! Great piece, Mishka. I loved the descriptions – I was right there in the hallway with her 🙂

    • I find Pinterest to be a brilliant source of inspiration, there are some pictures that just pop up randomly and get my inspiration bubbling 😀

      Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

  3. Creepiness is effective, and, if you’re using your words carefully, relatively easy to build in a short amount of text. You did a good job with it here.

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