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Taking a step back…

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! 😀

I know it’s normally Romance Weekly Hop day today, but due to the bank holiday there is no post this week. Though if you’re interested in checking out the hop, it starts with Nina Mason. It’s all about first kisses!

So, I so have to admit I was really glad for the long weekend as I was completely stuck on a scene in my book when writing on Friday. I had NO idea where to take it and I think I tried to rewrite it in about ten different ways, seeing how it would best to write it in order to move the story and characters forward.

Well, it was hard and it was just not going to happen!

So, over the weekend I didn’t touch my writing. But, as if often the case, I couldn’t stop thinking about 😀 I went over and over it in my head trying to figure out how to write this rather crucial scene which is a turning point in the story.

All weekend I still had nothing




I was having a slight panic when I went to bed last night thinking I’d have no idea where to go when writing today, and this is my last week to get the first draft finished!

And then at about 3 o’clock this morning it came to me! I was tossing and turning trying to think of this scene and just couldn’t sleep and the solution came out of nowhere. I mean, it was something I hadn’t even thought of, something so completely different to what I’d come up with so far.

And it was absolutely perfect!

It just made me realise what a good idea it is to take a long step back from your writing sometimes if you’re struggling. I think I got myself so focused on the scene and the little picture, that I forgot to look at the whole thing.

So, this morning I sat down to write and managed to pump out about 3,000 words in an hour and half! I was on a roll and it felt really, really good 😀

Have you ever been really stuck on a scene? How do you deal when you get stuck? Do you ever have to take a break from your writing to look at it fresh?

Progress Report:

Status of fifth manuscript: Writing first draft.
Word count: 3188 (Total word count: 39698).

Books read: 5/4

End of August Indie Review: Written and ready.

39 thoughts on “Taking a step back…

  1. It happens to me all the time! I usually stare at the page (or screen) blankly for several hours and then move onto something else 🙂 You’re absolutely right, sometimes you have to take a step back!

    • I think that’s a good idea to just move on. I am trying to get better with first drafts and quickly move on from scenes I get stuck on, just so as I can keep writing.

      But some scenes I just can’t get past without finishing! 😀

      Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

  2. I hate it when that happens, so after hours of staring and mulling things over I tend to just walk away and leave it be for a bit. I try not to stress about it (which is easier said than done!) Sometimes it comes to me when I least expect it and other times, it takes ages to work out (which can be really annoying and frustrating). In those cases, I try to move on and work on other things until I can (hopefully) sort things out.

    • I was hoping not to think or stress about the scene all weekend, but you know how it is! 😀

      I think moving onto something else is definitely something I am going to have to get better at.

      Thank you so much for commenting and the advice!

    • It really does, and I have to remember to do it more often when it hits! I can get so worked up about finishing a scene, that it really is good to step back and take a breath 😀

      Thank you for commenting 🙂

  3. I agree. Taking a step back and letting it be for a while will definitely help. Or even working on something else helps me. Like some flash fiction or maybe a scene I know I’m going to write in later on.

  4. I keep a pad of paper and a pen on the nightstand for moments just like this. My head works on things behind the scenes and pops them out when they’re finished. I just have to be ready to take notes.

  5. Been there and done that Mishka! It can be so frustrating, but I’ve learned to step away as soon as the mojo disappears. Also, sometimes it helps to work on another project.

  6. Sometimes, I have to set a manuscript aside for a few months, focus on something else, then regroup. When I come back, it all seems so new and fresh and things just open up for me. maybe I try to hard. That’s what it feels like sometimes and I don’t want my work to appear forced. i think readers can notice when it is.

  7. I stopped counting how many times I got up in the middle of the night because of muses talking to me when I try to sleep. They love fixing problems in the dark hours. I’m glad that you could write your scene at last!

  8. That’s one of the most frustrating things about writing, but you’re right, it makes such a huge difference to just step back and breathe for a bit. I always have back-burner projects that I’m not working super seriously on, so I can keep up with regular writing while getting away from my stuck-ness.

    • That’s a great idea to have a project on the back-burner, something not serious or important! I think I might try that, to help me re-focus myself when I get stuck on my main project.

      Thank you for commenting, definitely going to be thinking of your way of doing it! 🙂

    • I’m lucky to have only one project, so it means I could actually step back from it completely. Not sure how I’d schedule more than one at a time! 😀

      Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

  9. That’s awesome! It’s always good to take a step back when you’re trying to write and you find yourself stuck. Later, you can return with a new perspective on things. It’s even better when the solution appears suddenly 🙂

  10. Since the fiasco that encased my flash drive’s files becoming corrupted, I’ll admit that I haven’t written a single word beyond blog posts/comments and FB statuses/messages/comments. I’ve haven’t even really done anymore reading than usual either. I know. Bad me. However, yesterday while writing out to a friend about what I was working on project-wise next month, one of the pieces I’d already started and was about a third of the way into, I had a revelation about a way to bring it into the light as my main project. I’m hoping to work on it a bit today and maybe catch that third back up and gone by the end of the week.

    • See? Sometimes breaks can be really good things to have 😀 Though stopping because of losing files is not so good. I have to get better at backing up my stuff on things that aren’t just usb sticks!

      Thank you so much for commenting and good luck with the writing! 🙂

  11. Absolutely! Though sometimes I don’t feel like I can take a break from writing, so I leave a yucky draft of the scene, highlight it, move on, and come back to it later. Oftentimes, that’s just the break I need to rethink the problem scene. Good luck! 😀

  12. Some distance will definitely do you good, helps you see things from a new perspective. Although what are you doing awake at 3 in the morning?! I’m a night owl, and that’s still well after bedtime for me.

  13. Yes, I’ve been stuck on scenes quite often. Usually when I’m stressed about life, I find myself blocked. Stepping away from it like you did helps. I’m glad you figured out what to do!

  14. Taking a step back is really helpful, but I think your personal deadlines are even more helpful still. You set a deadline and stick to it. You roll it over in your brain until you can make it work, but that deadline makes it more urgent. I’m always impressed with your ability to stick to a deadline!

  15. Setting the scene aside for a day or so is a really good idea. And your description felt so familiar to experiences I’ve had 😀 Glad the solution came to you. (That’s a pretty awesome feeling… as is having a 3K word writing session.) Great post. thanks for sharing.

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