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12 thoughts on “Is it better to write or type?

  1. I actually do both Mishka… at the same time! Scribbling notes on paper as I think how to word sometbing, then typing in as I go… so much for the paperless office!

  2. I’m a typist, but then, I’m also a computer programmer, so I chose to go into a field where I spend countless hours in front of the computer. Plus I can’t read my handwriting and my fingers cramp up. That doesn’t mean I don’t have stacks of unused notebooks at home…

  3. I mostly type, but I love the feel of handwriting, so I always keep a notepad nearby, where I jot down ideas or bits of description or dialogue that pop into my head. Ultimately, I’m a fan of both. I like the efficiency of typing and the feel of handwriting.

  4. At one point I never thought I’d give up paper, but about ten years ago I switched over to the computer entirely. I still take notes on paper, though, particularly if we are on a car trip.

  5. I used to handwrite. I carried a pencil and notebook with me all the time. I would write all the time. During class, during church, in the bathroom, at meals.
    These days, alas, handwriting is more of a handicap than anything. My skills have deteriorated, and it trips me up now. I think too fast for the pencil. So. Now I just type. 😦

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