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Time for a refuel!

Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flickr

Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flickr

So, tomorrow I am going on vacation (as I may have mentioned already a few times because I’m very excited! :D).

To keep to schedule I was supposed to have finished my edits on my manuscript to send to my readers today, but I found myself rushing through editing to get it out in time. Instead, I have decided to finish my first round of edits and leave it. I will come back to editing after my break and send it out later to my readers.

I will not compromise on the quality of my books in order to keep to schedule! 😀 I’d rather release a quality piece of work at a later date then publish something that isn’t at the highest standard on the date I’ve set. If that makes sense?

I will have a few scheduled posts up next week, but they will be marketing posts. I will make sure to reply to emails and comments the day I get back (Monday 15th September).

Until then, I hope everyone has a brilliant week! 😀

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