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Prophecy of Stones- A fantasy, romance, adventure!

ProphecyCover Prophecy of Stones
Fantasy, adventure romance.

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The bond of love can conquer all, but only if it is accepted.

Prophecy states that three champions imbued with the best virtues of the mortal race: heart, strength and soul, will be the ones to save them all from an enemy which threatens to steal the life from their world and those who live upon it.

These three, along with their scribe, his bond mate, and an overly sarcastic oracle, must set off on a journey which will take them through forest, city, swamp and mountain. On this quest they activate the magical stones which charge the only weapon powerful enough to defeat Tildar and his cult of Dwell.

Yet the closer they draw to journey’s end, the more it seems that it is not the evil which will be their downfall, but the fear of a champion unwilling to accept the bond of their destiny.

Prophecy of Stones is a tale of adventure, love and magic.


4 thoughts on “Prophecy of Stones- A fantasy, romance, adventure!

  1. Beautiful trailer, Mishka – it represents the book so well! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but the themes in Prophecy of Stones remind me so much of Frozen Hearts. Lovely little coincidence, no? 😉

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