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It’s Worth The Struggle…

I have a couple of links this week that really inspired me.

I think all writers, especially new ones, go through that down time of not progressing fast enough or not being where they want to be. It’s inevitable and can sometimes stop a person writing, but these posts really gave me a boost in confidence and motivation; to remember my dream and, even though it’s hard, it’s worth all the struggle to fight for!

They reminded me to write for the love of it, to work towards where I want to be, and not focus on the negative!



Hope you enjoy them too!

Have a great Sunday everyone πŸ™‚

Do you have any advice or tips? Have you ever felt a bit negative about where your headed in your writing? How did you deal with it?

11 thoughts on “It’s Worth The Struggle…

  1. I get a bit negative at least once a week because delays always seem to happen. I think I make my goals too high as well. Honestly, I try to give myself even a few minutes a day to think of story ideas. Jotting down a few notes to be used later can feel like a positive step.

    As far as direction goes, I’ve worried about the choices I make in my series. In terms of style, I sometimes wonder if I’m absorbing parts of someone else’s writing or I’m in trouble because I’m a present tense author. Both times I can only shrug and stay the course since the alternative is to change everything and risk losing the spark in my stories. I developed this way for a reason and I have to trust that I know what I’m doing.

  2. I get a bit negative fairly regularly because I dont sell many books. Its hard work as you know, working hard to produce the best quality product you can, write blog posts, be social on zo ial media, look after ones children, walk the dog, do the housework etc… I know its the same for everyone. But a few boom sales would make it all seem worthwhile. How do I cope? Feel sorry for myself, have a little cry, then get on with it all. Really, theres no room for self pity in this game…

  3. I know I’m fighting negative feelings regarding my writing right now. I don’t feel good enough for sure. After a YEAR of searching for an agent, and still not having one, I REALLY don’t feel good enough. Yet, writing is what I want to do. Yet, I’m hindered by barrier’s I cant do anything about right now, thus making me more frustrated.

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