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Books and Reading… Thursday?

Thursdays are my new day for my books and reading related posts, part of my new and improved blogging schedule πŸ˜€

But seeing as I am still trying to catch up and get myself back on track, I haven’t got a post from my Books on my Bookshelf series or even a review.

In the spirit of getting myself more organised, I am trying a different approach to reading this year.

Last year I forgot or missed so many books I wanted to read! This year, I am determined not to let that happen.

So, I have decided to make myself a reading list. It’s not just going to be a to-be-read (TBR) list, where I note down all the books I want to read, but I am actually going to list the books in the order I am going to read them.

It will also mean I can get more organised with reviewing books as well, but also not forget to enjoy books I want to re-read and new releases from author friends.

The books will be listed in a particular order too, to ensure I really don’t forget anything.

For example, every third book on my list will likely be a book for review.

And one of my goals for 2015 is to improve my writing, and part of this will be through writing craft books, especially ones with practical exercises. My best friend bought me a book like this for Christmas, which I am very excited about starting. So every fourth book in my list will be a writing craft book.

I am also planning on going back to choosing a random book from the local library. Before I go I will pick two numbers- One will be the shelf number, the other will be the book number (so if I pick 12 and 7, I will choose the 7th book along the 12th shelf). I’m hoping this will really help to broaden my reading, and also let me find new authors.

This year I will also be participating (or attempting) the 2015 Reading Challenge List. It looks like great fun, and again, will open me up to trying some really different types of reading. I’m not going to freak out too much if I can’t get all the goals done, but will be using it more as a guide.

I’m not giving myself too steep a goal, so my goal for this year is to read at least 50 books. A lot less than some people, but I’m not as fast a reader as some!

So, there you go, my plans for reading in 2015! πŸ˜€ It should be an exciting year for it. Also, if you haven’t already, why not follow my book and reading related Tumblr- turningthosepages?

What are your reading goals for this year? Are you participating in any reading challenges?

25 thoughts on “Books and Reading… Thursday?

  1. Good luck with your reading goals! I don’t have any this year, but already reading my first book of the year. Right now, besides my writing projects (as I have goals for this!) I’m working on catching up with TV shows, which takes time too! πŸ˜€

  2. I like the new reading plan πŸ™‚ I too had many many books on my TBR list that never got read. Hopefully this year will be better! Next Wednesday I’m posting my reading goals and such for 2015. Stop by and let me know if you think I’m crazy or not lol.

  3. Gosh… you are VERY organised! I was thinking of posting my reading list on my blog. Better get off my butt and do it then! πŸ˜†

    • I don’t feel organised at the moment πŸ˜€ Still suffering from the laziness that Christmas brought with it!

      But I’d be very interested in seeing your reading list so will keep an eye out on your blog, might pick up a few suggestions for my own!

  4. I am also hoping to read more this year, in fact I am working on a post about it right now! Last year I read more non-fiction than anything and I feel like I really missed out! I may join a reading challenge, too.

  5. I read about three books a week and admittedly have trouble finding enough good books. I like focusing on series so when I discover a good author, he has a pile I can read. For example, I discovered CJ Box’s Joe Pickett in December. He has 15 books in the series. I used to buy the entire series for my reader, but Kindle prices are going up up up so I don’t. Sometimes, print is cheaper.

    I’ll be watching to see how your plan works, Mishka!

    • Blimey! That’s a lot of books πŸ˜€ You must read so fast! I am quite a slow reader, so it takes me a while to get through books, but I always write better when I’m reading a lot, so hopefully my goal will help with that this year too!

  6. Getting into a new routine is always the hardest part πŸ™‚ Best of luck with all your goals, they sound great!

    I’ve set myself my first Goodreads reading challenge (just 40 books, since I’ve never monitored how fast I actually read before and don’t want to over pressurise myself).

  7. That library challenge sounds interesting! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of results that gets you…
    Here’s to a year full of good reading, and improved writing! (Shouldn’t all years be like that?”

    • The library challenge should produce some interesting books, I think πŸ˜€ My local library does have quite a varied collection, so it really should help to expand my reading!

      And yes, all years should be like that πŸ˜€ Hope yours is too!

  8. Wow, sounds like you’ve got some good plans for your reading this year! I’m aiming for a book a week this year, though I’m planning to do more than that the weeks that I’m “researching” chapter books. πŸ™‚

  9. Picking random books from the library? That sounds pretty adventurous. Could really broaden your horizons. Alternatively, do you have a plan for if the book you pick is just really, really bad?

    • If I’m really not enjoying a book, I will stop reading. I had this weird obligation to finish books I wasn’t enjoying and it took me forever to read them because I didn’t like them, but now I am better at just putting it down and moving on πŸ˜€ Life is too short!

  10. Sounds like you have a great plan! I’m going to try to fit more reading into my schedule and start doing some reviews. It likely won’t happen until after February, though. I’m planning to release my first novel then and still have way too much to do before then. Happy 2015!

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