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Books and Reading Thursday: Books on my Bookshelf

(Books on my Bookshelf is not a review, just my personal thoughts, feelings, and memories on the books I own).

This week I thought I’d share a book I got for Christmas/Birthday!

Dragon Age: Library Edition (Includes The Silent Grove, Those Who Speak, and Until We Sleep).


As you may have guessed by now (for anyone who’s followed my blog for a while), I have a thing for the Dragon Age series of games by Bioware. I won’t call it an obsession, mainly because it’s so far past that point by now…

Anyways, my best friend bought me this for Christmas/Birthday, and it was seriously a very happy surprise, especially as it arrived on the day I was getting my new PS4 and the game, so it was very well timed!

I remember I was really upset when the book was released earlier in 2014 as I couldn’t afford to buy it, so receiving it was more than a little exciting as you can imagine!

I read through this in an afternoon. I couldn’t put it down. Not only were the stories amazing, but the artwork was stunning, and I loved the artist and editors notes down the sides of the pages. Reading about their insights into how they set up the stories, or why they chose certain panels or dialogue really got me thinking about my own writing and how I set it out. I know it’s different formats, but it’s all about storytelling, right?

It’s going on my TBR list again, so as I can re-read it this year 😀

Stunning artwork!

Stunning artwork!

Artist and editor notes down the side were great insight!

Artist and editor notes down the side were great insight!

Random quote: ‘Long live the King! Long may he reign! And so forth. Pray to the Maker he doesn’t do something stupid…’

Favourite thing about the book: Apart from the fact it has returning characters from the games? 😀 It was laid out in a great, easy to read format, which kept me turning the pages.

Least favourite thing: Um, there is a moment that I thought was a bit out of character for one of the characters. But that’s pretty much it, I loved it all!

Something I took away from the book: The way the pages were laid out really got me thinking about the way I end chapters in my own books, and how to keep the reader turning the pages!

Have you read many graphic novels? Do you enjoy reading different types of storytelling?

Progress Report (I know, I forgot on Tuesday!)

Status of sixth manuscript: Writing first draft.
Daily word count: 913.

Books read towards goal: 1/50
Currently reading: The Creative Writing Workbook by Matthew Branton.

14 thoughts on “Books and Reading Thursday: Books on my Bookshelf

  1. I’ve read 5 of 52 books so far for 2015.
    One cover completed. It will be a while before the book is released. Several promotion images done as well.
    My word count languished around 1k.

    I’m not into games or comics much, so I can’t comment on your book much. It looks high quality and the line art is excellent.

      • Mine have been writing craft books too. Making my way through fiction, but I’ve gotten so used to short stories that I have a difficult time investing in longer stories. Hoping I can get out of that funk.

  2. I used to read graphic novels all the time, but I haven’t in a while. I really must add that to my list of goals. Hearing your excitement about this novel makes me anxious to get my hands on a few favourites from my youth!

  3. Looks awesome! The only graphic novel I know I have read so far is one from the Superman series and this post just reminded me of that and how much I enjoyed reading it. I definitely am going to check out this genre of stories more 🙂

  4. I’m happy you enjoyed it so much! And I love graphic novels! I’ve kind of strayed away from the traditional superhero comics, but there’s still so much more out there!

    • I haven’t read a superhero comic in years, but I do love the deeper more intense graphic novels. There are quite a few I plan to take a look at this year! Thank you again, I absolutely adore the Dragon Age comics 😀

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