Writer’s Fuel

When I write I drink a lot of tea, some say too much, I say, actually, probably too much as well.

But it is what I like, and it’s part of my creative process when I sit down to write: notebook, pen, notes, research and a cup of tea.

I know caffeine fuels a lot of us, but what happens when the fuel is tampered with?

This week, the brand of tea I’ve been drinking has been just horrible. I can’t finish a cup and it’s rather distracting when I’m in the writing flow to take a sip and have a metallic, kind of liquorice tinge taste rolling around my tongue.

Ugh. It’s not nice, I don’t like it.

Is my caffeine addiction hampering my work? Probably, but tea is a need not a want when I write, so my only option is to get better tea if I want to keep up my writing efforts.

Do you have a fuel? Tea? Coffee? Energy drinks? … Wine? That should make for some interesting writing!

Progress Report

Word Count: 6175 since Wednesday.

Status of Second Manuscript: Writing first draft (total word count: 11,616).

February E-book Review: 41% read.