How you doin’? *eyebrow wiggle*

Attraction. We all feel it towards another. Mine is usually most keenly felt towards most of the cast of The Hobbit, and Bryan Greenberg because, well, they’re hot 😀

But more to the point, I’m thinking of that first moment of attraction, when characters meet and there is that first flush of liking the other due to physical looks.

I’m not a fan of instant-love, but I do like to be realistic, and let’s be honest, when someone is sexy, they’re sexy. You’re gonna notice!

But writing romance has made me realise the different levels and types of attraction that we can feel. I mean on the one hand there is the slight attraction, where you like the other person but not hugely but it’s nice to look at them or be around them. Then, there is the other end of the scale, where your body reacts without permission and you find yourself giggling manically at every word and blushing profusely if they even glance in your direction!

Having characters attracted to each other is great, but I do like the relationships in my books to feel real to the character. One female lead might react one way to finding a man (or woman) attractive, where as another one of my leads might act in a completely different way.

For example, my character in my current novella is in a bit of an awkward situation; her position means she can’t outwardly show that she likes the love interest, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it. On first meeting, she can’t help but be drawn to this guy who is attractive and unlike any other man she’s met. In a real life situation, I’m figuring that her strong attraction and her want to show it is exactly what would happen, especially if she’s looking for a distraction from events that have already occurred.

It is a historical piece I am writing, and that also makes a difference due to social rules, etc. I mean a woman in Regency times would show her attraction in different ways to someone in, say, Medieval times.

So, it’s a careful balancing act of moving the romance forwards whilst also staying true to character, the events and the time it’s set, but showing the attraction between characters can create some great scenes and that just keep me writing until I’m completely drained with the amount of thudding hearts, butterfly-filled stomachs and fluttering of eyelashes 😀

Do you enjoy writing about the first attraction between characters? Do you like the first meeting? How do you get around showing attraction whilst also keeping to character?

Also, thanks to Catherine, Caffeinated and her incredible post and blog, I have managed to add a contact page under my header, should you ever need it. I figured it’s easier than the sidebar.

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