Following the Blogs of Other Writers

I know that’s a bit of an odd title for a post, but it’s been something I’ve been thinking of lately.

I follow quite a few blogs of other writers and love finding new ones: some self-published, some just poetry or short stories, some who are like me and are part way on their journey to getting self published.

There are an amazing amount of blogs out there and a great variety of perspectives, I enjoy reading about it all. This is partly because I am totally nosey! But also because there are some great articles out there on writing with tips or points I had never even thought of. Reading so many blogs gives me a wealth of knowledge I don’t think I could get anywhere else.

Also, I get to read about people’s own journeys through their writing careers and it helps to give me optimism in my down times, but also realise that it is a struggle for others not just myself. It’s a nice feeling to know there are those willing to talk about their problems so as I can prepare for those challenges if I ever get stuck in them myself.

I often comment a lot on other blogs, I’m not sure if it is welcomed that I comment so often, but I like to do it so as the blog owners know that I appreciate the effort they went to in posting. It’s my way of saying thank you for taking the time, I guess!

The more blogs I read and comment on the more I feel almost part of a community of people, of writers, who love what they do so much they want to talk about it to others. Everyone seems willing to offer advice or help out, for example, when I posted my Deadline Achieved post, I got a comment from The College Novelista offering to proofread my book. That was an incredible offer from someone I have never met and it gave me such a great, welcoming feeling! I hope this is the feeling others get.

I know that blogs can become almost like popularity contests in how many followers you can get or how many likes, but so far in the writing community I haven’t noticed that too much. People offer great comments and discussions to articles that are well written and honest and I love that!

I realise this article was a bit of a strange thing to post, but I just wanted to get it out. To say that I love reading other writer’s blogs and that every post is appreciated as I scrawl through them all greedily grabbing up new tips and new views on writing.

So, if you get a chance, why not check out a new blog? Offer a comment to someone new?

Do you like the community feeling of writing blogs? Have you got a blog you’d like to recommend and why?

Progress Report:

Status of First Manuscript: 2/3 Copies back from the proof readers. (Very exciting! 😀 )

January E-Book Review: 100% Read, review being written.