And I’m feeling good!

I got the first manuscript back from my readers last night, which was pretty awesome as it usually takes quite a bit longer. So, I was already taking that as a good sign that the story flowed and read easily.

When I give my manuscripts out to my readers, I ask that they note any parts they particularly liked, so as I can get a sense of what people enjoy and what are my strengths (also to make me feel a bit better as I slog through their notes for edits :D).

It’s fun finding out which bits they pull out as liking and find interesting.

But, I have to say I felt pretty darn tootin’ good when I got the manuscript back this time and found comments like this:

'Nice, nice, nice, nice.'

‘Nice, nice, nice, nice.’

'Fab! !- Highlighted! Love it!'

‘Fab! !- Highlighted! Love it!’

'You can just 'take it as read' from here on in that I love all the Sindrin bits!'

‘You can just ‘take it as read’ from here on in that I love all the Sindrin bits!’

'Love it!'

‘Love it!’

It really made me smile! 😀

I am proud of all the stories I have produced so far, but I was particularly glad to see comments like this on this manuscript, because I worked really hard on bringing everything I’ve learned and making this one of my best books. Really, really hard!

Normally I try not to write these kind of bragging posts, but I am so proud of this story I could burst! 😀 I can’t wait to get it out into the world and see what others think. I promise on Monday it will be back to regular posting 🙂

Now it’s just waiting for the last 2 manuscripts, and seeing what they think!

How is your writing coming along? If your in CampNaNo, are you doing well with your word goals?

Progress Report:

Status of fourth manuscript: Waiting for copies from the readers (1/3 returned).

Books read: 1/4

July eBook Review: Written and ready.