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Another set of fun questions for this week. If you’ve joined me from the lovely LaNora Mangano then welcome!

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1. What’s your ideal: alpha or beta and why?

Hm, I do tend to write alpha males. Obviously it’s something appeals 😀

My ideal alpha male would have to be coolly confident (not shouting about his awesomeness all the time), smart but not cocky, and have a little bit of broodiness- I can’t help myself! 😀

In fact, Bane from Stolen Bloodlines is probably my ideal alpha male. The kind of guy who’s brooding, mysterious but confident in himself that he won’t back down and shy away from a woman who knows her own mind.

Excuse me whilst I go swoon now…

2. Do you have a male buddy or mate you use for confirmation or inspiration when crafting your heroes?

My best friend is male, and he is also one of my readers/editors 😀 So, I hope he’d pull anything out that would sound too feminine when I write blokes.

Though in all fairness, I prefer my men to at least think of their feelings if I write from their POV, which I know men don’t generally, but that’s just how I like to write them.

3. What does any hero have to do to win your heart?

Oh, I absolutely love melodramatic romantic moments! I can’t help myself, they make me go all giddy every time I read or write them (kisses in the rain, turning up at the airport at the last minute… paying a lot money to have your sister made reputable again- Darcy, I‘m looking at you!). It’s something about having a guy show his vulnerability in a way that there is no doubt how he feels 😀

What a great set of question for this week!

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