Choose Me – Practice Piece

Choose Me.

His eyes brighten as they fall on me and he reaches out tentatively before snapping his hand away, flicking his gaze over the others next to me. As if against his will, he is drawn back.

This time his focus lingers, and he steps forward close enough that his eyes flicker shut at my scent. There is no hesitation this time as he reaches out to caress me, his fingers running down the length of my spine.

As he bites his lip we both know what he is thinking, of all that he could have with me: excitement, passion, adventure, loveโ€ฆ all of it.

All he has to do is choose me.

Finally his hands encase me fully and he pulls me to his chest.

With a thudding heart he scans me closely, the world around him falling away, and I know he is lost within me.

He is mine.

I wrote this for a bit of fun, trying to write from the perspective of a book on a shelf at a library or bookstore. It was fun to try out, but really quite difficult ๐Ÿ˜€ Still, that’s what writing practice is about, right? Trying out new things!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Have you ever tried writing from a strange or difficult perspective?

*This is a scheduled post, I will be back on Tuesday. Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend!* ๐Ÿ˜€

The Devil Told Me His Name… – Prompted Piece

This is a short piece prompted by this-

It’s part of my 500 words a day target, though it comes in around 250. (It’s, once again, a mostly unedited piece, so forgive any mistakes! Been just trying to write lately without worrying about anything else).

Hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜€

‘The Devil Told Me His Name…’

Thirty-six days it had taken to catch this guy. Thirty-six days of seemingly unending terror and blood. Now they had him in the interview room, he looked less monster-of-nightmare and more gangly-rebellious-teenager.

But his youthful appearance couldnโ€™t make them all forget what heโ€™d done. The memories of those murders would live on in history for far longer than anyone would like.

Sergeant Kilyer stepped into the pool of false light hanging from the ceiling, bright white hitting his eyes and making him squint, but he didn’t dare close his eyes. A draft of cold seemed to waft from the hunched figure handcuffed to the chair behind the table and Kilyer barely suppressed a shudder.

There was only one question that blurted from Kilyerโ€™s lips before he could stop himself, his face contorted into horrified confusion. โ€œWhy?โ€

There was a heavy moment of silence, as though sound and air had been snatched from the room by the shadows that clawed at them from the corners.

โ€œThe Devil told me his name,โ€ the boy whispered, his head bent and his arms crooked behind the back of the chair where the handcuffs held him in place.

The sergeant frowned at him, his lips thinning into a tight line.

The boy raised his head, his long, dark hair falling in straggles over his eyes and a smile cracking on his face like that of a mask. โ€œThe Devil told me his name,โ€ he repeated, โ€œand it was the same as my own.โ€

How is everyone doing on their writing? ๐Ÿ™‚

Romance Weekly with a Spooky Twist #lovewritechat

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If you’ve just joined from the brilliant Sarah Hegger, author of Sweet Bea, then welcome!

This week’s hop has taken a bit of a spooky turn with Halloween fast approaching!

We were challenged to tell a scary story in 300 words or less.

Horror is not my forte, but it was a great challenge to try out a new genre ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope you enjoy it!

Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flicker (Click photo for Photostream).

Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flicker (Click photo for Photostream).

Alone in the middle of the stark forest, Susie stared out between the bones of the trees, the bare trunks grey from the cold.
Her abandoned and very dead car sat a few paces away, the fading sunlight gleaming on its red bonnet.
โ€œNow what?โ€ she muttered, her phone beeping the fact it had no signal.

A heavy breath plumed to an icy fog before her and Susie shuddered.

The breath had not been hers.

So there we go, a (mildly) spooky story to get everyone in the Halloween mood! Now go see what scary treats Xio Axelrod has in store next ๐Ÿ˜€

Have you written any spooky tales? Do you enjoy Halloween stories?

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Romance Weekly #lovewritechat

It’s Romance Weekly Blog Hop time! ๐Ÿ˜€

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If you’ve come from Fiona Riplee’s blog, then welcome! If not, why not check out her post?

This week we’ve been challenged with writing another flash fiction based on this GIF:

So here’s my attempt! (I combined this with another writing exercise, where it was a challenge not to use any names. Hope you enjoy it. It came out at 364, instead of 300. I really need to practice hitting word counts on flash fiction ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

Sunlight, which once offered a warm embrace, beat down upon them like the fires of a volcano as they stood in the graveled courtyard together. There was a heavy silence, filled with unspoken words that battered against them as hot as the heat of the sun.

โ€œMy car will be here soon.โ€ She kept her gaze cast on the ground.

He said nothing in reply, but a small furrow appeared between his thick brows, strands of black hair falling into his eyes.

She shouldn’t have been surprised by the lack of response, but deep down it hurt her to receive nothing.

The gravel crunched beneath the tyres of the gleaming Mercedes, the engine purring as it drew to a stop.

She glanced up at him, his gaze averted from hers. โ€œGoodbye.โ€

She moved to take a step away, but he gripped her arm. Still he said nothing.

When his thumb raised to her lips, her breath stuttered. A simple, gentle touch that was more intimate than anything sheโ€™d experienced before and sent a shiver coursing through her.

His face was only inches from hers, his breath whispering over her skin. For a long moment his lips danced on the edge of touching hers, his thumb still pressed against her bottom lip, parting her mouth slightly.

Her heart beat so fast she thought it would rip from her chest, but she stood unmoving, waiting.

His lips were like wings against her own as they teased at the edges of a kiss she was desperate to receive.

The car beeped its horn, startling him out of the moment which had caught them. His eyes widened, realising his actions and he took a wide step back.

It was as though he took the air from her lungs, her throat tight at his dismissive action.

She bit her lip, half to stop from crying and half to capture the teasing feel of his lips upon hers.

She turned away.

โ€œI would have given you everything.โ€ He talked so rarely, she almost didn’t recognise his voice.

She glanced over her shoulder, a sad smile dulling her eyes. โ€œI didn’t want everything,โ€ she whispered. โ€œI only wanted you.โ€

Another fun challenge! Think I’m definitely going to have to attempt more flash fiction in the future ๐Ÿ˜€

Now why not check out the very talented S.C.Mitchell, author of Son of Thunder, and see what he’s written for this challenge!

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Romance Weekly Blog Hop #lovewritechat

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If you’re joining me from Susan Peterson Wisnewski, author of Chasing the Rainbow, then welcome!

Something a little different for the Romance Weekly Hop this week.

We were tasked with writing a piece of flash fiction in the word count range of 100-150 that included the words: Candle, scarf, and chocolate.

Now, seeing as this is my first ever attempt at flash fiction and I couldn’t think of a story that could be resolved in that word count, I decided to write a bit of a random scene instead (coming in at 151 words, annoyingly)! Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€œYouโ€™re going to have to come out of there,โ€ he teased, a smile flickering at the corner of his lips.

โ€œNo,โ€ she said, her words a muffled mess through the thick scarf wrapped around her neck and half of her face like an Egyptian mummy. She continued to warm her chilled fingers over the lit candle that stood in the middle of their table, the view of the lake spread out around them, beautiful but cold.

โ€œFine.โ€ He shrugged and plopped one of the rich truffles into his mouth, moaning as he bit into it.

She pouted behind the scarf, blinking as a snowflake fell on the tip of her nose. โ€œAlright!โ€ she said, and yanked the scarf down past her mouth.

He smiled, and plopped a chocolate between her open lips. She jerked the scarf back into place and sighed at the velvet sweetness that burst from the truffle.

Now why not check out what Victoria Barbour wrote in response to this flash fiction challenge? ๐Ÿ™‚

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