Let’s make a list…

Photo by TwistedPixel on flickr

Photo by TwistedPixel on flickr

Easter is almost upon us, over the break I plan to do a lot of reading. It is really relaxing and spending a day doing nothing but reading is a great luxury, as Taylor Grace also finds!

As I was searching through the kindle books on Amazon, I realised just how many books there are and how easy it is for some to get lost in the wealth of books out there.

I like discovering books by all authors, but after reading a snippet of Winterbayne’s CampNaNo project that she sent me (which is shaping up to be awesome!), I realised I would most love to read the books of fellow bloggers if they’ve managed to publish their own and wondered if other bloggers might feel the same.

So I’ve decided to give this post over to you in the hopes you can provide titles and/or links to some of your books you’ve written (either self-published or traditional), or any books that you’ve read recently and fallen in love with.

Genre is not a limit, I love all kinds of books, and the more genres we have the more others might find books they like too.

So, have a blast and in the comments post your book (with a tag line or short description if possible) and let’s see if we can find some new books for us all to read and enjoy! Hopefully this will be a list we can all look to when we are searching for something new to read and want to help support our fellow authors and bloggers 🙂

Also, I will be taking a break from blogging, writing and well everything in general over Easter. No technology, just a proper break to spend with family (and books obviously).

**I won’t be posting from 17th-22nd, and will be back on Wednesday 23rd, so no comments or posts from me in that time.**

Hope you all have a great Easter, and find some great new books to read and share! Let’s not forget to support each other as we take on this writing journey 🙂

Genres and the Act of Crossing Over

In a discussion recently, a question was asked that caught my attention:

Should a writer stick to one genre or is ok to write in multiple ones?

My direct answer was that they can write whatever they feel like writing. Why should a writer be stuck to one genre just because it happens to be the one they wrote their first book on?

I have heard and read many articles from professional authors and others who say that a writer should stick to what they know, to stay in one genre and write that well. And that makes sense, the more you write in one thing, presumably, the better you will get.

But what if your creativity doesn’t want to always stay in, for example, fantasy? What if your mind suddenly bursts with ideas for a romping good tale about astronauts in another galaxy? Should you forget it altogether because that’s sci-fi and you wrote a fantasy book last time? Of course not! If sci-fi is where you want to head next, then sci-fi is exactly where you should go.

If we always think that we must stick to one genre then it puts up a barrier around our creativity. It’s a good thing to expand our horizons and test out new things, that includes writing in new fields.

I write romance (or attempt to!), but that is quite a broad genre as romance isn’t one thing it usually has to go with something else e.g. Paranormal romance, historical romance etc.

But although my head tends to think in love stories, they span a wide range of settings, times and characters. Not once when I began my writing life did I ever think that I would always have to limit myself to writing paranormal romance because that was what I chose first.

It was also really nice to see that people agreed with my comments. Everyone encouraged this writer to write in whatever field she wanted to, because that was obviously where her creativity wanted her to go to next.

I also understand that some people only write in one genre, and that their minds just happen to like writing like that. There’s nothing wrong with that at all either. In fact I am in awe of those people to have such focused minds! Mine jumps about from one setting to another faster than I blink.

In the end, it’s up to the writer what they write. Don’t be put off by people telling you that the famous writers always write in one genre only. On the other hand, if someone tells you that you should try writing something different if you only want to write in a single genre, ignore them.

Writing is about getting out what you love, no matter where that story may be set or what that article is about.

Progress Report:

Status of First Manuscript: With proof-readers. (My nerves are about at their limit in waiting! 😀 )

January E-Book Review: 100% Read. Writing review.

How do you feel about crossing genres as a writer? Do you do it? Or do you like to stick to one?