May E-Book Review: Infertility, Infidelity and Insanity by Arran Bhansal

Sorry it’s late, but here it is! 😀

Infertility, Infidelity and Insanity by Arran Bhansal

Goodreads Synopsis:

“Good and bad things happen to everyone. It may not seem fair, but it’s what happens.”

Arran is 34 years of age, living in Henley-on-Thames, married, second generation Indian, father of one, washed out, and depressed. He agonizes over the choices he has made and the impact they’ve had on his life. Hating what he has become, he arranges to meet Judith; a counsellor he hopes will help him make sense of the confusion in his mind.

In his sessions with her, he describes how he met and married Becky against the wishes of his family, the disastrous marriage that followed and the IVF cycles they had to endure. He reveals how he met Lauren, and began a passionate affair.

Desire and obsession soon take over, and Arran enters a world occupied by one thought – to be with Lauren at all costs. His insanity takes its toll and threatens to destroy his life and those closest to him. Can he outrun disaster? Or was it always going to catch up with him in the end?


**I was given this book in exchange for an honest review**

Arran is a great blogger and his book was already on my to-read list when I was asked to review it, so I felt very lucky to be given the chance!

Right from the start I was drawn into this book. It was as though I was sitting there with him and he was telling me this story personally. That was a real strength of this book, it felt raw, real and personal. You were drawn in and the style of the writing meant you felt as though you were listening to someone tell you their story, rather than reading it.

The descriptions were vivid, you got an instant sense of characters and settings and that helped draw you into the story further the more you read.

It was really captivating writing.

There were a few grammatical issues, but those were easily overlooked as you were drawn into the story so much you weren’t jarred out of it by those errors.

It was definitely a journey, and by the end you were left feeling drained, but in a good way! All the emotions the book took you on meant that it was a really great read that will certainly make you feel a rollercoaster of emotions.

Another thing I liked was the dialogue. It felt very realistic, like normal people chatting and not characters.

The time jumps back and forth were easy to navigate and easy to follow, which is good as there were a few of them. It was nice to be able to visualise in my mind those different times and the characters going through all the events.

And, blimey, what an ending it had! 😀

If you pick up this book, which I would recommend, be sure to be ready to be taken on a ride of emotions!