A Writer’s Life For Me

A Writer’s Life.

That is what I’m gunning for. I’ve been writing stories my entire life and now I’m going to make it my career. This blog is so as I can document my journey to self publishing, all the little bits and pieces so maybe others will find it helpful if they ever find themselves on the same journey.

I am also going to link to any articles or posts I think are useful to aspiring writers. It’s always good to have resources to look to after all.

As reading is also an important part of writing (the more I read generally the better I write!), I will also be writing book reviews. It will be a monthly book review and will feature e-books in the category I write in the most:


Oh yes, I am yet another romance writer. I do love me a good love story.

My plan is to update on my progress in every post and in general I will posting at least every other day on normal weeks so brace yourself for a lot of talk.

So, join me on my journey and hopefully get some useful information for yourself if you’re looking to become self-published as well!

I do have another blog called, Inspiring the Words, which is where I post short stories and descriptive pieces as writing practice. So check it out if you have a moment and fancy something short to read whilst having a cuppa.