Promote Yourself!

Seeing as I’m away this week and having my own marketing posts scheduled, I thought why not let others promote their work as well?

It’s always nice to find some great new books to read or blogs to follow!

So go ahead and post your links to blogs or books in the comments, maybe add a bit of detail about what the book is about or what your blog deals with 🙂

I will be certain to check them out when I get back!

Have a great week everyone and I will be back on Monday 15th to reply to comments and emails then!

Stolen Bloodline

StolenCoverStolen Bloodline
Paranormal Romance

Stolen away from her humdrum life, Imogen is thrown into a dark world where the creatures from tales are not only real, but rule the realm.


In this world of dark, moonlight is Imogen’s only source of safety, but the moon’s glow reveals a lot more than she ever realised. She soon learns her heritage and bloodline are what put her in danger, and the reason these vampires are keeping her hostage. But with a father who doesn’t even care enough to call, how was she supposed to know?

Held captive by the vampire leader, Bane, and his brother, Caden, Imogen must find a way to keep herself alive. Yet, the longer she remains, the more she wonders whether those she feared are the ones she should trust, as new truths continue to shine through.

When Bane shows Imogen that life in a world of dark can be more enlightening than her own sunlit realm, it seems that, though he may have stolen her from home, she risks him stealing her heart as well.


“The Guardians, humans of a bloodline so strong they have kept us at bay.” Once again he reached out to touch her. Imogen tried to pull away only to find her retreat blocked by the desk. She flinched as he brushed his cold thumb over her chin. “Most vampires cannot drink the blood of a Guardian,” Caden continued, as he pushed a curl of hair behind her ear. “It is a euphoric poison.” She shuddered as he moved his feather light touch to her throat, his attention focused on it.

**This is a scheduled post as I am away for the week, as such I won’t be able to reply to comments or emails until I return on the 30th June. Have a great week 🙂 **

The Queen’s Jester

Queen'sJesterCoverThe Queen’s Jester
Fantasy romance.

An exquisite wedding gift. A husband whom she loves. A Jester who she craves. A Kingdom in peril.

After receiving a beautiful emerald amulet at the celebrations of her wedding, new Queen Marie finds solace in the stunning, yet strange amulet. A warm comfort that fills the hole that her husband has left with his distance at her every affectionate touch.

That is until the new Jester arrives, his presence fuelling in Marie an instant burning need.

The more she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic man, the quicker she realises he is anything but the fool.

Marie must make a choice, one that could not only affect her marriage and her life…

But her entire Kingdom.


Her husband led her down the hallway, the nearer they drew to his chamber the shorter her breaths became. The thought of their wedding night and what lay in store made her stomach lighten with nerves, but at the same time flutter with excitement. He was silent and when she glanced at him her cheeks flushed pink to find him smiling at her. His chamber door seemed to grow too large to fit into the wall as they walked closer, her fingers gripping his steady arm as she let the anticipation wash like a warm, bubbling wave through her body.

Then Warrick halted. He stopped so suddenly that Marie stumbled.

“Here we are then,” he said, uncurling her hand from his arm and holding it in a tender grasp. She looked with a confused frown at the door beside her, the door to her chambers. “Today was most enjoyable.” He beamed a grin at her, though she was only able to keep the same puzzled expression. “I hope we have many such occasions together.” He seemed to be trying to encourage her to speak so she opened her mouth to reply.

“Yes,” she squeaked, unsure of how else to respond.

“Well.” He let go of her hand which slumped to her side. “Good night, Marie, sleep well,” he said and made a couple of awkward steps closer to her and then paused, as though he’d planned on kissing her cheek and thought better of it. “Yes, well.” His words attempting to mask his uncertain actions. With a faint smile he turned and walked away, disappearing into his own room at the end of the corridor.

**This is a scheduled post as I am away for the week, as such I won’t be able to reply to comments or emails until I return on the 30th June. Have a great week 🙂 **