The Art of Waiting

I am not a patient person. I’ve tried to become better at waiting yet it just doesn’t work.

But after sending my manuscript copies off to my proof-readers it has been a case of having to be very patient. It is not necessarily the waiting to get back the edit recommendations, which is obviously nerve-racking, it has been the fact I can’t get on with my next novella.

During last week and this week I have begun to plan out my next novella (and a couple after that!), I even started writing a few scenes towards it. I was all ready to plough ahead with the next one whilst waiting for the proof-readers to get back to me. Then my best friend, as well as one of my proofreaders, (who has a blog you should check out, it’s very funny! Lost to the Aether) made an excellent point:

I shouldn’t start writing my next novella until I have finished editing my first manuscript.

He is right, of course. If I start writing my next novella I will be completely lost in writing it and then to have to come out of that world to edit my other story might be a bit disjointing and break my momentum. So, I stopped writing towards it.

But it has been so hard!

The idea of taking a break between books was also to give myself time away from writing for a while, to take the chance between books to have a calm down and do other things. Seeing as when I do start writing a book I generally do not stop! I go at it constantly, even waking up at moments during the night to jot down things I have thought of.

The break is not working out so well so far though, my head is still all about the writing 😀

So, even though I have done my plan for my next book, planned my characters and they are itching to get down onto the page, I know it is best to wait. My plan is to edit Stolen (my first novella) from what the proof-readers advise and then put it away for a couple of months. But I need to do the edit first before putting it away, whilst I am still in the mind-set of Stolen, its characters and that world.

Though, looking at it, I guess it is a good thing to be so excited and keen to write the next one. If I wasn’t raring to go on the next one, I don’t think I’d be very good looking at writing as a career!

I am in awe of those writers who can work on more than one story at once!

Do you write more than one book at once? Do you try to take a break between books? Is it hard for you to wait for the proof-readers to get back to you?

Progress Report:

Status of First Manuscript: 2/3 Copies back from proof-readers.

January E-Book Review: 100% Read, review written. Editing review.