Sometimes you just got to get it out!

When I started this blog, I said I wouldn’t have any ranting posts. I wouldn’t do it because everyone has their own opinion and that is exactly how it should be. Also, ranting posts tend to get everyone rather passionate and I didn’t want anyone to get bad ideas about me 😀

But something over the weekend riled me to the point I just have to get it out before I burst!

So, I was doing a little bit of pinning on Pinterest on the weekend, and I see a picture pop up.

It was a picture of Stephen King with a quote from him:

‘Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing
what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it
is to have a boyfriend.’

I’ve seen lots of people slamming Twilight and other such books and I’m pretty tired of it. Like I said, I try not to get riled up by things like this, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But it is beginning to feel like it’s everyone’s opinion just because it’s the popular one.

And it’s driving me up the wall! 😀

Twilight is about Bella and Edward’s love for each other, and how it’s consuming and that is the most important thing to them.

So what?

I don’t really understand what people were expecting from a teenage romance book? I mean, really?

Comparing Twilight to Harry Potter is like comparing pop music to heavy metal, it doesn’t work. They are separate.

There was a campaign not long ago about not being ashamed about what you read, and I am a HUGE advocate of that.

So when you see people saying not to be ashamed, to read what you want, and then they turn around and say you shouldn’t be reading something because it’s shallow or because the character is one-dimensional? Bit hypocritical.

It almost feels like there is shame in reading a book for fun, just for pure enjoyment. There always has to be some moral or lesson to a book in order for it to be ‘worthy’ to read.

True, books can teach us a lot, and they can help us grow and learn. But what is so wrong with reading a book because enjoyment is the main focus of the story, rather than an underlying lesson?

Twilight is mostly slammed because they think Bella is all about getting a boyfriend. Yeah, so what? If that’s what people want to read, then let them!

I doubt the majority would read that book and look at her as a role model, but what’s wrong with reading about her story and enjoying it?

Bella is a character and her whole focus is Edward. If you don’t think that’s a good character, don’t read the book! It’s a pretty simple solution.

Now, this isn’t all about Twilight 😀 It’s just the one that gets brought up A LOT and I am using it as an example for all those books that seem to only get judged on popular opinion.

I read Twilight when I was younger, and granted, it got a little weird at the end, but in all I enjoyed it.

When I talked to a friend and said this, she went off on a long rant about how bad it was and how awful it was to enjoy such a simple book, with dull, weak female characters.

Turns out she never even read the books.

I’ve also read a lot of other books where love is the main focus of a character, where they are lost without the other. And, low and behold, I haven’t grown into a simpering damsel-in-distress, anyone who knows me knows that is far from who I am!

You know what, you enjoy Twilight? Then good on you!

You want to read a book where romance is the main focus? Good on you!

You want to read a book where murder is the main focus? Good on you!

You want to read a book where erotica is the main focus? Good on you!

You want to read a book about wizards? Good on you!

You want to read a book that isn’t popular, but you can still admit you enjoyed it? Then you are the kind of person that other people should be looking to for opinions, not those that judge a book on what others think.

Books should be about enjoyment, escapism. Not everything in this world has to be about something more. That may sound shallow, but in today’s world where it can get a bit overwhelming and every time you turn on the news something awful has happened, sometimes I just want a story to get lost in and not think about the deeper meaning.

Just because someone else enjoyed a book, does it affect anyone else in any way? No, it doesn’t. What someone else enjoys and reads has absolutely no bearing on what another person enjoys, so why should it be allowed to judge someone so harshly on it?

I am a strong enough person to read what I want and have no shame in it. If someone mocks me for my choice of book, then I just ignore them. Their opinion doesn’t matter and it certainly won’t change what I like just because they think it’s wrong.

But what about those people who are influenced? Should they be stopped from reading what they want because others say so? Should they be dictated to about what they should be enjoying?


Everyone should have the freedom to read exactly what they want without suffering under the mockery or judgement of others, no matter if that book is about a girl who only wants a boyfriend or is about a boy who is trying to get through wizarding school.

It’s 2014, we should have grown to the point that this isn’t even an issue.

Fact: Everyone likes different things. It’s what makes us individual and makes this world interesting.

Annnnnndddd…. Rant ended!

On a lighter note! My new book, The Magic Spark, is released tomorrow! 😀 Very excited for that!

Progress Report:

Status of The Magic Spark: Working on paperback cover. Everything else is done!

Books read: 3/4