Romance Weekly with a Spooky Twist #lovewritechat

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If you’ve just joined from the brilliant Sarah Hegger, author of Sweet Bea, then welcome!

This week’s hop has taken a bit of a spooky turn with Halloween fast approaching!

We were challenged to tell a scary story in 300 words or less.

Horror is not my forte, but it was a great challenge to try out a new genre 😀 I hope you enjoy it!

Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flicker (Click photo for Photostream).

Photo by Twisted Pixel on Flicker (Click photo for Photostream).

Alone in the middle of the stark forest, Susie stared out between the bones of the trees, the bare trunks grey from the cold.
Her abandoned and very dead car sat a few paces away, the fading sunlight gleaming on its red bonnet.
“Now what?” she muttered, her phone beeping the fact it had no signal.

A heavy breath plumed to an icy fog before her and Susie shuddered.

The breath had not been hers.

So there we go, a (mildly) spooky story to get everyone in the Halloween mood! Now go see what scary treats Xio Axelrod has in store next 😀

Have you written any spooky tales? Do you enjoy Halloween stories?

Progress Report:

Status of sixth manuscript: Writing first draft and soon to go on hold.
Total word count so far: 38,306.
(Plus 1,416 on my Christmas novella that I couldn’t stop myself from starting 😀 )

Books read: 3/4.

End of October Indie Review: Writing.