Choose Me – Practice Piece

Choose Me.

His eyes brighten as they fall on me and he reaches out tentatively before snapping his hand away, flicking his gaze over the others next to me. As if against his will, he is drawn back.

This time his focus lingers, and he steps forward close enough that his eyes flicker shut at my scent. There is no hesitation this time as he reaches out to caress me, his fingers running down the length of my spine.

As he bites his lip we both know what he is thinking, of all that he could have with me: excitement, passion, adventure, love… all of it.

All he has to do is choose me.

Finally his hands encase me fully and he pulls me to his chest.

With a thudding heart he scans me closely, the world around him falling away, and I know he is lost within me.

He is mine.

I wrote this for a bit of fun, trying to write from the perspective of a book on a shelf at a library or bookstore. It was fun to try out, but really quite difficult 😀 Still, that’s what writing practice is about, right? Trying out new things!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Have you ever tried writing from a strange or difficult perspective?

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The Devil Told Me His Name… – Prompted Piece

This is a short piece prompted by this-

It’s part of my 500 words a day target, though it comes in around 250. (It’s, once again, a mostly unedited piece, so forgive any mistakes! Been just trying to write lately without worrying about anything else).

Hope you enjoy it 😀

‘The Devil Told Me His Name…’

Thirty-six days it had taken to catch this guy. Thirty-six days of seemingly unending terror and blood. Now they had him in the interview room, he looked less monster-of-nightmare and more gangly-rebellious-teenager.

But his youthful appearance couldn’t make them all forget what he’d done. The memories of those murders would live on in history for far longer than anyone would like.

Sergeant Kilyer stepped into the pool of false light hanging from the ceiling, bright white hitting his eyes and making him squint, but he didn’t dare close his eyes. A draft of cold seemed to waft from the hunched figure handcuffed to the chair behind the table and Kilyer barely suppressed a shudder.

There was only one question that blurted from Kilyer’s lips before he could stop himself, his face contorted into horrified confusion. “Why?”

There was a heavy moment of silence, as though sound and air had been snatched from the room by the shadows that clawed at them from the corners.

“The Devil told me his name,” the boy whispered, his head bent and his arms crooked behind the back of the chair where the handcuffs held him in place.

The sergeant frowned at him, his lips thinning into a tight line.

The boy raised his head, his long, dark hair falling in straggles over his eyes and a smile cracking on his face like that of a mask. “The Devil told me his name,” he repeated, “and it was the same as my own.”

How is everyone doing on their writing? 🙂

Blind Desire

This is a random piece I wrote based on this prompt-

It was only going to be a scene description and it turned into something more 😀 My writing exercises tend to have a habit of doing that! Anyway, this is an unedited piece of writing done for fun! Hope you enjoy.

Blind Desire.

A dirt trodden aisle ran between the centre of the stalls, the owners peddling their wares of bright woollen sweaters. Other smaller goods cascaded down on ropes from the cloth roofs covering the stalls, swaying in the breeze that the grey clouds above brought with them.

But there was only one thing Cassie was searching for in the mess of tables and crowds, her gaze flicking from side to side in the hope of catching a glimpse of what she’d come to collect. It was close.

She could feel it.

Her heart hammered in her chest as she took a step forwards and she froze. Whipping around to her left, she elbowed a browser out of the way, the woman sneering but eventually shuffled away muttering curses under her breath.

How long had she been searching for it, Cassie couldn’t remember. And now it was right before her it felt like a dream, her body shivered and she clenched her hands into fists to stop the shaking. A light drizzle of rain laced across her skin and dampened her hair, but she didn’t feel it; staring at the object before her had already made her numb.

“You interested?” the stall owner asked, obviously sensing a potential sale, and he shifted his bulk closer, his moustache twitching above his thin lips.

Cassie didn’t glance up. “Very.”

“Well, I’m sure we can work out a reasonable price…” He spread his hands out before him.

Now she flicked her eyes up to meet his, a long smile breaking her stern expression. “No, you don’t understand,” she said, the smile making the man fidget, “I’m not interested in purchasing it.”

The man stuttered to respond, but his lips snapped shut before he got the chance. Cassie waved her hand in an arc before his face and his eyes, once a dull hazel, turned white. Whilst the stall owner rubbed blindly at his eyes, Cassie slid the item off the corner of the wooden table, it dropping silently into her jacket pocket. She patted at the weight of it now concealed in her coat and turned to walk away, the man’s panic now bursting forth in a wail of fear.

As the crowd rushed towards the table, Cassie weaved between them and out into the open, disappearing into the fingers of fog that began to grip at the market.

Bit random I know, but still, every bit of writing is practice, right? 😀

How’s everyone doing on their writing? How are those in NaNo progressing?

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

Special – Short piece.

Another short piece today, though it was inspired by this picture on Pinterest-

Hope you enjoy it, I’m trying to get back into the hang of writing short pieces! 😀

“There is something wrong with her. She’s not… normal.” The voices were muffled through the closed door, but Violet could still hear her father as clear as though he were stood before her.

“She’s special, Roger,” Violet’s mother argued, though her voice was weak as it always was when speaking to her husband.

“No, Izzy, she’s not special. She’s wrong.”

Violet ruffled the skirt of her lilac dress and sat crouched against the bare wall of the hospital hallway. She had spent most of her short five years inside the blank walls of the hospital. The stark white tiles were cold against her bare feet and she suppressed a shiver.

“Violet is an amazing specimen,” a cold, flat voice said from the room behind the door.

“Specimen?” Violet’s mother gasped.

Violet pondered the word ‘specimen’ for a moment, but couldn’t think of what it meant, so went back to staring at her stuffed rabbit. The toy was old and worn, but brought more comfort than anything Violet had ever owned.

“You are special, Mimi,” Violet whispered to her bunny, one long ear held between her stubby fingers. The fluffy skirt the toy wore, once bright pink, had faded to a pale rose colour, but it still sparkled in the solitary shaft of sunlight that cascaded down the hallway.

“You have to do something about her,” her father said.

Violet twirled Mimi in her hand, the bunny’s floppy arms whirling around behind it.

“There is electroshock therapy.”

Mimi danced in the light, the faded, ratty pink skirt gliding up and down as Violet bounced the bunny as though it were leaping.

“Roger, you can’t let them-”

“I will do what I must, Izzy.”

Violet’s deep blue eyes twinkled and Mimi spun again.

The door snapped open and Violet rolled her head to the side to look upon her father, his stern gaze focused on Mimi. Dancing in the sunlight, the bunny continued to swirl, though Violet was no longer touching it.

Roger stomped forward and ripped the stuffed toy from the floor, Violet’s heart lurching into her stomach at his violent force against her only friend.

“Stop it, Violet!” he commanded, shoving Mimi towards his wife. He didn’t look at his daughter, he never did, instead he strode off down the hall, his wife following behind with heavy steps.

Violet’s face pinched together to see Mimi flopping around in her mother’s grip as her parents disappeared through the doors.
The door to the office opened again and the doctor with the fuzzy grey hair stepped out.

“Come in, Violet.”

It’s a little dark, as all my short stuff seems to be! Not sure why I always go for the creepy age in my short writing, definitely something I will have to work on stopping!

Still, I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great weekend 😀

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