Posts to Check Out and a BIG thank you!

I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has nominated me for blog awards over the entire time I’ve had my blog 🙂

I’m really sorry I haven’t had a chance to participate in them, as much as I want to!

Please don’t think I am dismissing the nominations, because I’m not! I am always really appreciative to be thought of by other bloggers for these awards and it always puts a smile on my face 🙂

So, thank you!

Speaking of other bloggers, why not check out some of these posts?

This was a list I made of some fun posts to check out before I went on vacation. – Writing everyday isn’t for everyone, I know I couldn’t do it! – Brilliant first act of Winter’s sci-fi short story! Brilliant read, I definitely recommend checking it out 🙂 – Love being able to find out more about minor characters in books. Mel gives us a glimpse of a character from her newest release, Hands of Evil in this post. – An incredible poem by the very talented Callum. – Great post about reading books we loved from our past! – Topaz continued the hop I failed at on Monday 😀 Check out her answer and meet her character, Rosalyn from her upcoming book Frozen Hearts. – Congrats for 100 followers! But also, this was a brilliant post about doing what you love and not stopping because of doubts and fears! Definitely worth a read, very motivating. – This post was full of awesome and a great message to all authors! – A great idea for choosing a book from your TBR list (especially as mine is just rowing and growing!). – Another brilliant post Ali, I highly recommend checking out her other posts on the mystical places she’s visited!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!