Once More with Feeling

When I read books, in any genre, I do like it when the writing feels in tune with the story.

I’ve read quite a few Regency romances and I like when they feel almost like they could have been written in Regency times. Not just the dialogue, but the whole feel of the writing in general.

Or fantasy books, the writing flows as though the story could have been written in a different world.

Am I making any sense? 🙂

I like this ‘feel of the story’ when I read, so I try to do it when I write. My first story, Stolen, is set in a modern time so I write pretty much without any difference. My second novella, The Queen’s Jester, is a whole different story. It is set in a fantasy, medieval-based kingdom, so I tried to tailor my writing to suit that. I wanted the writing to feel rich and sumptuous to suit the setting of castles, gowns and crowns.

To achieve that feel I used more descriptions, and I used words that had deep, more elegant flow. I didn’t overpower the book with fancy stuff, but I wanted that feel in there. Along with the fact I used things like, ‘cannot’ instead of ‘can’t’ and ‘will not’ instead of ‘won’t’ etc. I didn’t do this to inflate word count, I did it on purpose, so as the story felt it could have been written in times where they just didn’t use language in that way.

Now, compare that to my the book I am currently working on, and it’s a big shift again. It’s set in a time period where the rich lived well, and the poor did not and unlike my main character in The Queen’s Jester, my lead in this book isn’t one of the privileged. So, the tone of this book is harsher to give the feel of the character’s struggles and what they are going through. I used less rich description, harder words, and also my sentence structure changed to give the feel of an old-timey kind of reading.

I don’t want to overpower the story and distract from the writing, but it’s definitely there in my books.

I probably overthink these things too much 😀 It most likely has no affect on the reader at all, as long as the story is good and the characters are compelling. But to me it matters, so I put it in my writing so at least I know it’s there, and that’s what I wanted as a writer.

Is there anything you do as a writer like this? Do you notice when books are written in different styles for different genres? Am I just overthinking it all? 😀

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