Is that tip-tip-tapping of a keyboard I hear?

Even after my proud post where I proclaimed how happy I was to fill an entire notebook, I have succumbed to typing.

Instead of handwriting my next novella, I will be using the modern way and typing it out directly, at least for now. This is due to the fact I was a week late into my schedule when I managed to start it, but also I have written over 20,000 words and am barely a third of the way through.

Yeah, this one is a bit bigger than my others.

And although I am mostly meeting my daily word count goal of 2500, it’s not enough. I need to get out more in order to meet my deadline, and typing allows me to do this.

Yet, even though I am typing and talking about the speed of my work, I don’t want this book to be of lower quality just because I am getting it out quicker.

I may type quick, but what use is that to me if people don’t enjoy my stories for the quality of what is written?

When I handwrite, I usually type up what I wrote the next day to help refresh me on what I wrote but also I edit as I go; I add more detail, find better ways of explaining things, fix sentence structure, check facts, etc, as I type it up. So when I complete my first draft, it has actually undergone one edit already.

So, in order to keep this up, I am planning on typing out my scenes and then the next day, reading over them and editing them, to mimic the process of what I’d normally do to my handwritten stuff. That way, I know that I am still going to be putting down a better first draft then what I normally can when typing.

I mean, obviously, the draft goes through a zillion edits before it’s finished anyway, so I shouldn‘t really worry. But, doing it this way with editing my typed stuff the next day, I can still keep that process whilst also getting out a bigger word count (hopefully) and still meeting my deadline!

Have you ever realised your book is going to be longer than planned? Do you manage to keep to your deadlines?

Progress Report

Word Count: 3098 (26,117 total word count).

Status of Third Manuscript: Writing first draft.

March E-Book Review: 100% read.

Longhand vs. Typing

I know this is probably a discussion that many people have had with others or with themselves. I find writing to be a very personal thing and the way a person goes about it is their process and their personal choice. But for me I have found longhand is my friend. I have only recently come to this discovery and it was all due to the new Parker fountain pen I received for Christmas.


I have never extolled the virtues of stationary quite like I have for this pen. I love it. Since using it to write I have written more than any time in my life, and I have done a lot, a lot of writing over the years.

Typing is still good, mind you. Using a keyboard gives me the speed I need to get out all the things in my head which I have to get out before I fear I will forget it. Yet that speed can also be my downfall. Being able to get things down quickly means I tend to fluff up a lot of my writing, adding long words or bits and pieces that I just don’t need. Or I don’t spend the time thinking enough about something as I type it.

Writing by hand makes me almost edit myself as I go along. Because it takes longer I pace my writing and spend the needed time to process it before actually putting it to paper and I can definitely see an improved quality in the stuff I write by hand compared to using a computer.

I’ve also started to note down everything I think of. Anything: little lines of dialogue, scene ideas, story ideas, descriptions I like. Most aren’t even for the story I am currently writing but jotting them down has given me a library of ideas to turn to when needed. I never did this when I used a computer solely.

My notebook is crammed like never before and it makes me a very happy writer when I look at it.

Though god-forbid I show it to anyone else. It looks like I’ve spent my hours scrawling alien languages over the pages rather than working! At least it makes sense to me though… hopefully. Sometimes I just look at it and think, ‘what does that even spell?’ when I come to type it up!

Ah well, I think I will still stick to the longhand. It is definitely my medium.

Progress Report:

Word Count: 3188

Status of First Manuscript: Writing first draft (Current word count: 27,164)

January E-Book Review: 30% read

How do you feel about longhand? Does it suit your writing style? Or is it all about the typing?