That’s the Spot

I read an author interview over at Nicky Peacock- Author blog where she interviewed A.S Fenichel. It was a great interview with fun answers, but one question really caught my attention:

‘Where do you write the best?’

It got me thinking about my ideal writing space compared to where I write at the moment.

This is what my writing space looks like in the living room:


It’s comfy, lots of space (if Harliquin doesn’t take up all the seat!) and in general is quiet during the day. It works for me, I enjoy writing there and I am generally quite productive. The small table also means I can use the laptop for typing up my longhand things.

But if I got to choose my dream writing space, it probably wouldn’t be that. I can dream BIG.

I’d probably have a little cottage somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, just birdsong and nature the only things I could hear. My writing room (with a fabulous view onto a lake or countryside, obviously) would be well organised, be stocked with reference books and be decorated with antique furniture and pretty colours.

That is my fantasy writing place 😀 I’m not sure if having that would make me write any better, mind you.

But what I have now works for me, and finding any place to write is more important then not writing at all, right? 😀

What’s your dream writing place? Is it a lot different to where you write now? Do you think the space we write in makes a difference to the actual writing produced?

Progress Report

Word Count: 3,683.

Status of Second Manuscript: Writing first draft.

February E-Book Review: Writing review.