Getting my mojo back!

Do you ever get into a frenzy whilst writing because the scene you are doing is so good you just can’t stop?

And then when you come to the end of the scene you sit back and just get this major rush and a buzz that makes you want to scream, ‘THAT WAS AMAZING!’ and make you feel like this:


Anybody? 😀

Yesterday I was sat writing a scene that was, well, just a scene, it had to be done but it wasn’t one of those ‘candy bar’ scenes (the ones you really look forward to writing). But then, it just seemed to be flowing and turning into something so awesome my fingers were flying over the keyboard so fast you could have seen smoke!

Maybe it would be more accurate to say the characters were flowing. I did a lot of research and character development before going into this book, so I had a good idea of how these characters were gonna be. But the more I’m writing the deeper they get, the more real they are becoming, and they are just turning even the most normal scene into something incredible!

As you can tell, I’m really pumped about getting into write again. It’s amazing to realise how much I missed it over those two months I only did editing and formatting, etc.

Everyday after writing, I am in such a tizzy because I just love doing it so much, but yesterday was a particularly awesome writing day! And it’s times like this I need to remember why I am striving so hard for this dream.

Do you ever get that buzz after writing something you’ve really enjoyed? Have you ever found a normal scene turning into something unexpectedly amazing?

Also, Stolen Bloodline got another 5* review!! Just adding to my excitement so much I could burst! 😀

Progress Report:

Word count: 2840 (22,899 total word count).
Status of fourth manuscript: Writing first draft.

Books read: 1/4

June EBook Review: 100 % read. Writing review.