What a dynamic group!

Photo by Grzegorz Łobiński on Flickr

Photo by Grzegorz Łobiński on Flickr

My fourth manuscript is finally with the readers! Now all I have to do is sit and try not to chew my nails too badly whilst I wait for what they say, and wonder how much editing I will have to do 😀

It will be good to take a break from it myself so as in a couple of weeks, when I get it back, I can start with fresh eyes again.

But, thinking over my current work, I was trying to work out what I enjoyed most about writing it.

What I decided upon was the group dynamic between my characters.

I have written a larger cast of characters before in Heart of the Arena, but this book and its characters are different in that they’ve known each other for quite some time.

I find it fascinating to look at groups of people and friends and see how they interact- You notice the people who are closer to others in the group, the underlying tension in others and even those who are attracted to the other.

It’s a really interesting thing to me, and it was great fun to write a group of characters all with their distinct personalities, but that all have their own opinions and history (remember when I said two of these character had spent the night together?) which shape their way of interacting with these friends who they’ve known for years.

The roles these characters play also made a difference to their interactions and the way they behaved. For example, upon meeting up with an old friend, the group dynamic shifts and that friend once again takes place as leader amongst the group, even though that person had not been with them for a long time. It was a natural shift amongst them, because that is what happens when people who know each other well get together.

Then I chucked in a newcomer, and the fun got even better 😀 Especially because the newcomer is half their age, so they all react to him differently.

Another thing I really enjoyed in writing this book was developing the relationships, not just the romantic relationship, but the friendships and rivalries.

It was something I was keen to try in this book and hopefully have succeeded at writing well!

Do you enjoy writing about the relationships between groups of characters? Do you like discovering the dynamics that grow within a group? Do you enjoy reading about the relationships between different types of characters?

Progress Report:

Status of Fourth Manuscript: Sent to readers.

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