True love? Pfft!

Whilst my manuscript is off with the readers for two weeks, I am taking a break from it. Mainly so as I can go over it with fresh eyes once I get it back, but also because during this time, I can go on and plan my next book.

I am a major planner, so it takes me quite some time to do all the research and characters, etc. Pretty much 24/7 for the full two weeks 😀 I do love planning though.

Anyway, whilst planning out my next book something struck me.

My next book is going to be vastly different to anything I’ve written yet. It’s going to be more of a contemporary, light-hearted read, kind of what I’d class as ‘chick-lit’.

I chose it because I have a fun story idea for it, but also because I just want to be able to let loose and have fun with my next book. My others all have heavy plots and characters, where as I plan to make my next one something fun and easy to read over a relaxing weekend.

Whilst planning, I realised how incredibly different the types of romance are in different genres of books.

So far I have written paranormal, fantasy and historical, and for some reason I have had no qualms about the romance and relationship being one of true love. I don’t mean fall in love at first sight (which I am not a fan of writing), but that intense, emotional kind of true love that builds up and doesn’t break. But, when planning out my next book, which is set in our modern, real world, I suddenly bulked at the idea of the romance being true love.

I realised it’s because for many true love doesn’t exist, so writing about it in a book set in the real world felt… fake? You can get away with it fantasy or paranormal, but in something with a sense of reality about it? Not so much.

And it really annoyed me 😀 That I was stopping myself from writing about a true love romance in a book set in the modern, real world because of this doubt about it in the real world.

I read romance to escape to a place where true love does exist, where characters find each other and fall in love against all odds, no matter what setting or genre that may be.

So why am I so hesitant to write about it? It’s just a story, after all.

Maybe it’s because in reality, relationships are hard, where as true love is meant to be easy? True love gives a sense that people are meant to be together no matter what, where as in life things just don’t work out that way. Writing a book set in the real world comes with the horrible reality that true love might not exist, so readers might be put off by a relationship written in such a way.

But, I am trying to push past my hesitancy.


Because I like true love, because I want to believe in true love even in today’s world, and there must be others out there who want to lose themselves in a story for the same reasons I do.

Yes, I am tailoring the romance to suit the genre, and I probably won’t even mention the words, ‘true love’ in the book, but still, I think any type of love that builds from an deep emotional connection is a true love no matter which genre it is.

What do you think about the different types of romances in different genres? How do you feel about true love in books? Have you written a true love romance?

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Boy, That Escalated Quickly…

As many of you know, I write novellas, which seem to be averaging out at about 35,000 words. Not a long story, but I find it perfect for a nice weekend read or for quick flicks during the week if too busy to find time to really devour a longer novel.

This shorter form of writing suits me perfectly, and it’s one of the reasons I decided I could find a career in writing.

But, having said that, there are draw backs, the quick advancement of character relationships being one of them.

I write romance, which I enjoy very much, I love building up relationships all whilst telling a story about the characters which only helps to encourage the romance on further. It gives me a chance to tell a story in different sub-genres, whilst also adding that love-element, which I just adore and can’t get enough of.

I just never realised how difficult it would be to build up a believable relationship within the shorter word count.

The actual plots to my stories, the conflict and interest, I can resolve in that shorter amount of time and, hopefully, rather well. Yet the romance aspect is a lot harder.

In order for the character’s love to feel solid and well-developed it takes time, as all relationships do. So, how can I achieve this in so short a time?

One thing I discussed on Facebook with winterbayne and Taylor Grace was the time-skip. Skipping over weeks or months and writing about what happened during that time and how the character’s relationship has grown. I think this is a viable option; they do it all the time in tv and movies, why not books?

Another is, ‘instant love’, and I am not quite as much a fan on this. It’s ok when written well, and I am all for love-at-first-sight, just not so much the idea of ripping-each-other’s-clothes-off-at-first-sight. I prefer my romances to have a little build-up.

And then there is the already established relationship. I have this kind in my current novella and my word! Is it ever hard to write.

On first reading the novella, there is already an established relationship between two of my characters, and this is surprisingly hard to make feel real without adding chapters and chapters of back story, which I really don’t want to do. I want the reader to feel for the love between these two characters, but achieving that is a little more difficult than I first thought.

I know there are many more relationship and types of romance then this; these are just the ones I have really thought about in-depth whilst starting my writing path. Seeing as this is an honest blog, I thought I best to be honest about the struggles I have with writing as well as the triumphs.

I guess I will have to look into it further: read some more romance, watch some romantic movies… It’s a tough job all that research 🙂

Have you written a romance? How did you develop your relationship to feel real? Which is your favourite tool for writing romance? Any tips you care to share? 😀

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