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Back to Romance Writers Weekly this week 🙂

Welcome to those of you joining from the very talented Fiona Riplee!

This week the task was- Give us the inside scoop on your writing space.

My writing space has changed a lot since last year, when I was trying my best to manage all my writing and notes whilst typing on a small table in front of the sofa!

Harli didn't appreciate me taking over her space!

Harli didn’t appreciate me taking over her space!

Over my break, I managed to create a small little office space in my room and, even though it’s a bit of a mess sometimes with all my notes, it’s great to have a dedicated writing area.

My writing space now, with bonus sunshine!

My writing space now, with bonus sunshine!

It’s handy having a smaller space as everything I need is right in reach! And my new whiteboard is really useful for listing my tasks for the month, week, and day (I work much better when I have a list of goals to tick off).

Though it might not be the prettiest or most organised space, it is perfect for me 😀

Do you have certain way of organising your writing space?

Why not go see what LaNora Mangano’s space looks like? You might get some ideas for your own!

Progress Report:

Status of sixth manuscript: Writing first draft (Still 😦 ).
Word count: 38,519 (+955 since last check-in).

Books read towards challenge: 3/50
Currently reading: Snow Hill by Mark Sanderson

Where oh where to write?

I wrote a post quite some time back about the space where I write (in my living room, on my sofa, usually next to my dog!).

But as I’ve focused more on turning my writing into a serious career, it’s becoming more and more obvious that I am going to need a space of my own to write.

I am one of those people who can’t write unless it’s quiet, and you can certainly tell the difference in the quality of my writing between when it’s quiet and when it’s noisy 😀

Yet, the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I realise how many considerations need to be thought of!

It may sound silly, but I like to have my dog with me when I write, hence why I write in the living room. And, although I am lucky enough to have a large bedroom that I could turn half of into an office space, I don’t want to confine my dog to my room all day, not when she likes to wander in and out of the garden. So, for now, my room’s not an option.

We don’t, unfortunately, have any spare rooms either.

The living room is surprisingly noisy, even when there aren’t many people around.

It has been suggested a construction at the bottom of the garden might work, which is tempting. I have seen a few other writers’ blog about their writing space which is contained to a summer house-type building in their garden. It would also mean I could have my dog with me.

But looking at these constructions and mainly their price tag, it was a little bit of a shocker 😀

So, I guess for now I will have to stick to the living room. But I am putting some questions out to the blogging/writing community in hope you might be able to help:

What do you do to find the space you need to write?

Do you have any tips on creating a writing space in less than ideal circumstances?

What is your writing space like?

I have some posts scheduled over the weekend but won’t be back until Monday to answer comments and email 🙂 I’m also still having some difficulty with my computer, so please bear with me!

Have a great weekend!

Progress Report:

Status of fifth manuscript: Writing first draft.
Word count: 6618 (Total word count: 22375)

Books read: 3/4

End of August indie book review: Written and ready.

That’s the Spot

I read an author interview over at Nicky Peacock- Author blog where she interviewed A.S Fenichel. It was a great interview with fun answers, but one question really caught my attention:

‘Where do you write the best?’

It got me thinking about my ideal writing space compared to where I write at the moment.

This is what my writing space looks like in the living room:


It’s comfy, lots of space (if Harliquin doesn’t take up all the seat!) and in general is quiet during the day. It works for me, I enjoy writing there and I am generally quite productive. The small table also means I can use the laptop for typing up my longhand things.

But if I got to choose my dream writing space, it probably wouldn’t be that. I can dream BIG.

I’d probably have a little cottage somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, just birdsong and nature the only things I could hear. My writing room (with a fabulous view onto a lake or countryside, obviously) would be well organised, be stocked with reference books and be decorated with antique furniture and pretty colours.

That is my fantasy writing place 😀 I’m not sure if having that would make me write any better, mind you.

But what I have now works for me, and finding any place to write is more important then not writing at all, right? 😀

What’s your dream writing place? Is it a lot different to where you write now? Do you think the space we write in makes a difference to the actual writing produced?

Progress Report

Word Count: 3,683.

Status of Second Manuscript: Writing first draft.

February E-Book Review: Writing review.