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Romance Weekly Blog Hop #lovewritechat

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If you’ve joined me from the lovely Kim Handysides, then welcome!

So this week Sarah Hegger asked us to tell her our three favourite book boyfriends from any books we’ve read and why.

At first I thought, ‘pfft! Easy peasy!’, and then when I thought about it I found it quite difficult to choose just 3! 😀

Anyway, here are the ones that stood out the most to me:

1. Diesel from Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich

Ah, Diesel… What’s not to love about him? 😀

The man makes me swoon every time I read this book and although he doesn’t get together with Stephanie Plum, there is enough tension there to make the pages burn!

He is brash but kind, charming but understanding; definitely the type of guy I want in my life. Add to that the air of mystery about him and I’m sold!

2. Jonathan Harker from Bram Stoker’s, Dracula.

Ok, I watched the famous movie with Gary Oldman before I ever read this book and just assumed (bad, I know!) that the movie was a faithful retelling of the book. How wrong I was!

In the movie Jonathan Harker is a bit of a nothing, he doesn’t really do anything and certainly doesn’t inspire much romantic feeling.

Yet, in the book, he’s a COMPLETELY different character. Definitely one to swoon over. His dedication to Mina and his willingness to do whatever it takes to protect her makes my heart flutter, whilst at the same time he is a gentleman of his time with all the manners!

3. Otto from my book, Prophecy of Stones.

This is cheating a bit, seeing as it’s my own book 😀 But still, Otto is definitely a character that stands out to me as a man I would be happy to have around.

He’s calm, understanding, but strong; a man capable of leading his own life without relying on others. Although a secondary character, he stands out in his own right, and the intensity and depth that he shares with his bond mate is exactly what I’d want in my life.

And there we have it 😀 Those are the guys I’d pick straight away, if you know, they were real…

Anyways! Go find out who Veronica Forand has chosen for her three.

The Romance Weekly’s November Contest is up and ready if you want to enter! Some great prizes this month 🙂

Who would you choose as your book boyfriend/girlfriend?

18 thoughts on “Romance Weekly Blog Hop #lovewritechat

  1. I have a poorly-kept-secret obsession with the Stephanie Plum books – but I’d take Joe Morelli over Diesel any day! I like a guy who can make his own red sauce and brings coffee to me in bed.

    • I do love the Stephanie Plum books 😀 Haven’t read any in a while, and should really pick them up again. Joe Morelli is definitely a guy I wouldn’t mind either, I have to admit it was kind of a shame how boring the author made Joe in Visions of Sugar Plums, when really he is awesome in other books!

      Guess she was just trying to big up Diesel (which totally worked for me :D).

      Thank you so much for commenting, it’;s nice to find others who enjoy the same books! 🙂

  2. Way to go Mishka. Why shouldn’t you have your Otto! AS for Johnathon Harker, yes the film always undersells him. I love these first bits in the book where he’s gradually coming to the conclusion all is not well in castle Dracula…..

  3. That’s such a challenge – great answers though 🙂 I’m sure there are no rules against using your own character. You lived with him long enough and we love him because you do – it’s a kind of life we give them. The best kind because you shared him with us 🙂

  4. My husband suggested I choose one of my own heroes from my romance but I was a bit reticent to do that! Good for you for choosing yours though – makes me wish I’d chosen my hero from ‘Reunion of the Heart’!

    And it’s a fab list. I have to confess I’ve never read ‘Dracula’ or ‘Visions of Sugar Plums’ but they sound like compelling stories. 🙂

  5. Man, I never remember Harker doing much of anything past the intro. He gets overshadowed in my mind by Van Helsing and the rest of the boys. Of course, Helsing isn’t smexy enough to make good boyfriend material.

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