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Romance Weekly Blog Hop #lovewritechat

It’s Romance Weekly time!

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Welcome to all those joining me from the awesome Dani Jace’s blog, author of White Doe.

This week’s question came from Sarah Hegger and was about opening lines:

A great opening line draws the reader in, makes them want to know more and compels them to read further. Share a great opening line, can be a classic or a more recent novel, tell us why you like it and then share the opening line to your newest WIP.

I was going to go the classic Pride and Prejudice route, because, well, it’s a classic and it’s one that pretty much everyone will have heard.

But, when I thought about it, there was another one that struck me.

It’s actually from a book I haven’t finished reading, and started years ago.

‘Burn this book.’

A striking line, right? 😀 It’s an opening that really caught me because of it’s sharpness, and has made me remember it for years, even if I never finished the book (which I will at some point!).

It’s from Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker.

As for the opening line of my newest WIP, well, as I stated last week, I have restarted it. So, this is very, very much a work in progress!

“Tut tut, Dr Murphy, nobody likes a coward.”

This won’t be the final version, but it’s something written so as the first page isn’t a stark blank page! 😀

So, there you have it!

Now hop along to Fiona Riplee’s blog and see what opening line catches her attention!

Is there an opening line you remember? What’s your WIP’s current opening line?

Progress Report:

Status of sixth manuscript: Planning.
Word count: Eh heh…

Books read towards goal: 1/50
Currently reading: The Creative Writing Workbook by Matthew Branton.

24 thoughts on “Romance Weekly Blog Hop #lovewritechat

  1. ‘Burn this book’ now that’s a whammy of an opening line! My mind is conjuring all kinds of images for that one – I like Clive Barker, but I haven’t read it. Something tells me it will be appearing on my list 😉 I’m glad progress is going well on the WIP – I love the sarcasm in the opener…it speaks of an intriguing character.

    • It certainly was a hell of an opening line, and I am determined to finish the book this year, so it’s going on my TBR list too 🙂

      Thank you so much for the compliment! I’m glad the sarcasm came across well 😀

  2. That is a whopper of a first line – both yours and the one from Mister B. Gone. Good luck with your new WIP and can’t wait to see what your final first line is. 😉

  3. burn this book – bam! I’m there. I thought yours was great, too. It makes me ask why and who and that’s all you need

  4. Mishka, Read your previous post about rewriting the WIP and my heart broke for the 50K words. So much time. It’s great you knew to step back and identified the area that needed to be addressed. That can be a challenge: determining what part of the whole needs to be reworked. I wish you lots of luck with the rewrite and Love your first line! Have a great one.

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